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Latest Program Offers

The life and legacy of Kentucky-born feminist author bell hooks
Remembering the WWII Japanese American confinement experience through photo albums.
Making math relatable to upper elementary students
A singer/guitar virtuoso’s inspiring story of resilience and redemption
The art and craft of the singer-songwriter
A community led project develops a play imagining regional cities as an intergenerational family.
Two small towns in two countries grow economies by cultural and historical exchanges.
Expert tips and beautiful gardens
A series of engaging instructional programs that supports learning recovery for children ages 3 to 7
Despite being a world-traveling academic, nobody in his family understood his work.
"Know when to pick your battles" …But, what happens when the fights pick us?
The world premiere opera about the execution of George Stinney
A heart wrenching story of parental love and unspeakable sacrifice.
The story of the Eastman School of Music and how George Eastman's vision for an esteemed music school came to be.
Sharing the stories of many well-known festivals and events.
Lenny's and Kate's life gets complicated by love, the third rail of the heart.