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Youth Media

NETA is committed to amplifying youth voice by promoting and distributing media produced by/with/for youth, with a particular emphasis on both universal access to opportunity and on elevating the civic and creative expressions of youth most often marginalized. 

The following is a collection of youth media programs that your station can adopt, adapt, or get inspired by! 

Would you like to share your youth media initiatives? Submit your work here for an opportunity to be featured.


iNative 7G - seventh generation. The nations first network. Vision Maker Media.The Native Youth Media Project partners with Native youth programs, working with youth ages 15-24 years, in Native organizations and communities. The partnership is collaborative, where the partner has autonomy and oversight of the project, while Vision Maker Media contributes resources for media production and community engagement. The partnership between VMM, Native organizations, and communities works together to strengthen Native youth’s story development for short-format media. Youth may produce short-format videos around social justice and Native cultural issues and share them in a community engagement activity.

The purpose of the program is to create partnerships and collaborations with established Native youth organizations that result in community engagement experiences, where Native youth connect deeply with their history and culture through the processes of learning to make documentary and narrative stories and sharing them with their communities. Public media stations have an incredible opportunity to become an integral part of this collaboration by providing NYMP with skilled mentors from their production departments to teach mentees to create short-form media. NYMP mentors receive funding of up to $5,000 from Vision Maker Media for each NYMP collaboration, while the potential for public media stations in developing relationships with their Native American communities over time is priceless, taking the form of preserving Native American history and culture, developing aspiring Native youth filmmakers, giving rise to under heard voices and stories from diverse Native American communities, and creating future opportunities.


PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs is building the next generation of informed media creators and consumers. The PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs (SRL) connects students with a network of public broadcasting mentors and an innovative journalism curriculum to develop digital media, critical thinking, and communication skills while producing original news reports. Learn about SRL’s current projects


By/With/For Youth: Inspiring Next Gen Public Media Audiences is a research and development initiative that explores the role of media in the lives of tweens and teens, and where public media fits in. Check out their first publication: Navigating Youth Media Landscapes: Challenges and Opportunities for Public Media, by Patrick Davison, Monica Bulger, and Mary Madden, October 26, 2020.

KQED Youth Media ChallengeKQED Youth Media Challenge offers stations an opportunity to engage tweens and teens in fun challenges to create media. From promotion to airing Youth Media Challenge submissions, this is a great way to reach that middle audience.

Girl Power! is an Emmy-nominated, multi-platform campaign that shines a light on girls who lead, mentor, impact and inspire those around them at home, at school, and in their communities. Produced by PBS North Carolina and distributed by NETA. Girl Power! also includes a PBS LearningMedia collection to further engage students.