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About Us

Serving you in your quest to serve your community

The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) is one of the nation's leading service organizations strengthening and amplifying public media's education mission. We are a 501(c)(3) membership organization providing leadership, support, and services to individual public media licensees, their affinity groups, and the public media system as a whole.

Areas of Focus

Education is at the center of public media. It's what differentiates us, along with being non-commercial, from the rest of the media landscape. NETA supports our member stations in developing the capacity to deliver educational content and services for lifelong learning in your community.

Technology and policies evolve non-stop. NETA's role is to support you, your people, and your work in this ever-changing environment. Rely on us for two valuable resources:

  1. A broad spectrum of professional development opportunities for public media professionals, and
  2. Robust services to increase your capacity and efficiency.

Through and across multiple platforms, we can increase the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of public media's education services, both at the licensee and system level.

Through our Program Service, the NETA Business Center and leveraging other system resources we can help increase our members' capacity and efficiency.

We share the past. We envision the future. Today and always, NETA works to increase our member stations' effectiveness at every level of service by sharing best practices, helping to grow sustainable funding, and ensuring NETA's services are responsive to every aspect of your station's needs.


To empower public media organizations to achieve their educational potential in communities throughout the United States.


We're looking at you, and we envision you as strong member organizations that are valued by your communities because you improve education outcomes and inspire learning at every stage of life.


We insist on integrity, credibility, inclusiveness, diversity, professionalism, innovation, leadership and responsibility in all we do.

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Affinity Groups

NETA provides support for a number of public television station organizations or affinity groups, as well as a coalition representing the leadership of all of these groups. These partnerships are dedicated to addressing the needs of the public media system through multiple channels and were created to develop an online learning ecosystem, in-person training opportunities, webinars, peer networks and other tools focusing on several areas of need including management, public media 101, discipline-specific training and leadership development.

For more information about any of these groups or to inquire about membership, contact Eric Hyyppa.


The Organization of State Broadcasting Executives (OSBE), formally organized in 1986, is an interstate collaborative composed of CEOs of public television agencies operating multi-transmitter networks, or associations serving statewide station groups. The group meets twice annually and electronically, working on common concerns, and pooling resources for the common good. Its members account for over 60% of the transmitters in the public television system.


Small Station Association (SSA)

The Small Station Association supports public television stations, typically with operating budgets under $5M, although membership is available to others as well. The group meets electronically on a regular basis and works to share best practices and advocate on behalf of its member stations.


University Licensee Association (ULA)

The University Licensee Association supports public television licensees who are part of a higher education institution. The group meets electronically on a regular basis and works to share best practices and advocate on behalf of its member stations.


Joint Licensee Group (JLG)

The Joint Licensee Group supports public television licensees who operate both radio and television services from a common licensee. The group meets electronically on a regular basis and works to share best practices and advocate on behalf of its member stations.  


The Public Television Affinity Group Coalition (AGC) was founded to serve as a forum for addressing system-wide issues of interest to public television stations. It is a station-led coalition of two representatives each from public television’s major affinity groups – member organizations that represent public television stations based on licensee type, community size and service profile.


Executive Content Managers Group

The Executive Content Managers (ECM) was developed over the past two years to meet the needs of Chief Content Officers in public media. The group aspires to provide education and direction for public media content managers in order to effectively lead staff, promote the curation, production and distribution of high-quality content on all platforms to elevate local voices regionally and nationally. Executive Content Managers break silos, promote diversity and inclusion, and provide leadership within the public media system. 


Independent Public Television Station Association (IPTSA)

The IPTSA supports public television licensees who operate public television services either independently of PBS membership, or as PDP stations in their markets. The group meets electronically on a regular basis and works to share best practices and advocate on behalf of its member stations.


Public Television Major Market Group (PTMMG)

The PTMMG supports public television licensees who serve the nation’s largest television markets. The group meets in person and electronically to share best practices, develop collaborative initiatives, and advocate on behalf of their membership and the system. For more information or to inquire about membership, contact Susan Scott.

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