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WALDEN – THE BALLAD OF THOREAU is a combination documentary and theatrical play about the final two days Henry David Thoreau spent in his cabin before leaving Walden Pond. The documentary, which bookends the play, is a look at the life of Henry David Thoreau and filmed at Walden Pond at the actual cabin site in the woods. The two-act, four-character play dramatizes conversations between Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson as Thoreau was packing up to leave Walden Pond. The play, which has already been performed in over 7,100 schools and colleges, also explores the roles we play in the protection of the earth, while challenging the audience to live more simply, and preserve the natural environments of their home communities. Folksinger Michael Johnathon, host of WOODSONGS, wrote the play and is the host of the documentary portions of the program.
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