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Today's Wild West is a half hour weekly documentary style series on all aspects of the Western lifestyle - horses, ranches, artisans, people, places, adventure, history and the wilderness of the American West.
State of Rodeo follows a diverse group of characters who participate in the sport of Rodeo and explores the heritage of the cattle industry within the State of Florida and it's influence on Western culture from the time of Ponce De Leon's first settlement to present day Cowboys and Cowgirls.
For 20 years, students enrolled in Western Kentucky University's VAMPY program, a summer camp for Verbally and Mathematically Precocious Youth, have designed and created murals about the Holocaust. Watch as students work on the 2017 mural and explore Never Again, an exhibition of past murals at Louisville's Jewish Community Center.
WALTER TEVIS: A WRITER’S GAMBIT explores the complex life and brilliant career of this Kentucky writer. His novels The Hustler, The Man Who Fell to Earth and The Color of Money were all adapted into major motion pictures, and The Queen’s Gambit has become one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed television series of the past decade.
Each program is designed to be an information-packed presentation of woodworking furniture projects, along with the tips and techniques to build them. Roundtable discussions explore a wide range of woodworking topics to help people set up and enjoy spending time in their woodworking shop. Whether viewers are just starting out, or have been woodworking for years, they’ll find something new in every episode. Host and Cast: Host Phil Huber is joined by fellow experienced woodworkers, Chris Fitch and Logan Wittmer.
Join host Connie Ellison for lessons and learning from leading experts for knitting and crocheting on a fresh, new set! Season 1200 features projects from trendy pocket shawls and flattering tunics to top-down beanies and mosaic afghans …. plus, handy pet covers and gnomes! Every episode features both a knit and crochet design---- plus join Lena Skvagerson for a featured scarf in the stitch corner, where you can knit or crochet along with her each week.
TULSA RACE MASSACRE: 100 YEARS LATER combines the history of Black Wall Street, how it grew, and how it was destroyed by hatred. Interspersed in the telling of that history are tales of present-day artists working to portray portions of the atrocity through their craft.
If you were robbed of your home, the love of your life, and the future you were promised, how would you continue? From emerging director Reilly Dowd and Emmy® award-winning producer and editor Juli Vizza, DREAMS OF DARAA tells the story of 25-year-old Hanadi, a young Syrian mother who refuses to accept the cards she’s been dealt. The partly-animated film follows her five-year journey through Syria, Jordan, and Germany in search of justice for her kidnapped husband and safety for her three daughters.
This documentary film highlights the fundamental importance of communication between patients, family members, and medical teams when managing cancer. The first natural history is provided of how a breast cancer patient and her husband journey through cancer over 3 1/2 years – from diagnosis through surgery, chemotherapy, breast reconstruction, and on to remission.
When Cancer Calls…is an 80 minute, professional theatrical portrayal of cancer communication on the telephone. Dialogue is drawn verbatim from the first natural history of recorded and transcribed interactions – 61 phone calls over 13 months – between an actual patient and her family members. A powerful and enlightening story is told of the critical importance of communication and social relationships as family members journey through cancer together.
Crossing South is a travel show which takes us on a journey South of the border. Bilingual travel companion and host, Jorge Meraz, helps us get to know the people, vernacular, foods, customs and places frequented by the locals. This series helps us see there is so much more to Mexico than what we hear on national news. There’s a lot to learn and fun to have right next door by Crossing South.
Inquisitive kids and Dr. Rob Stephenson take a hands-on approach to scientific exploration in Curious Crew!
LEGACY OF LOVE shows how Martin Luther King, Jr and Coretta Scott met in 1952, fell in love, dreamed a new world together, and resolved to dedicate their union to the civil rights movement. No matter what the cost.
Culture Quest is a series that looks at life through the lens of the world’s artists, artisans and keepers of culture.
As the country continues to face extraordinary challenges, small business owners everywhere are doing all they can to keep their dream alive. So, host Gary Bredow set out to talk with a wide range of diverse business owners to better understand how they’ve learned to adapt, innovate and even completely reinvent themselves. Start Up Season 9 travels through America’s beautiful southeast coast, From Wilmington to Burgaw, North Carolina, Myrtle Beach to Charleston South Carolina to Savannah, Georgia and beyond.
The 70-year fight for suffrage began in Central New York, an epicenter of reform. Success depended on many women whose stories are often forgotten. Meet Matilda Joslyn Gage, Paulina Wright Davis, Mary Burnett Talbert, and Hester Whitehurst Jeffrey, diverse suffragists who tirelessly navigated religious intolerance, sexism, politics, and racism as they fought for the vote and women’s equality.