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NETA webinars allow our members to participate in engaging discussions on a variety of topics to increase skills and strengthen the long-term commitment to public media's education mission. We work closely with thought leaders throughout the system, including our PLC Executive Committees, to produce timely and content-rich online events. 

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Public Media Aikido: Creating Strength in Divisive Times. Wednesday, March 20 at 1 PM ET. NETA Webinar presented by the NETA Peer Learning Communities

From its beginning, public media has faced criticism and threats to its existence. As we enter a major election year in an already divisive climate, how can stations not only respond to political pressure but also strengthen their position and mission? 

Aikido is a modern martial arts practice that uses an attacker’s own energy and force against them, rather than escalating the use of force on both sides. In Public Media Aikido, we will hear from a variety of stations and staff across multiple disciplines on how they are responding to these challenges, and we'll create collective takeaways that you can consider using in your community.

Archived Webinars

Join the Education PLC for a discussion and brainstorming session about resources and approaches for promoting media literacy and civics during a major election year. We'll hear from several stations about the work they're doing in these areas and then open up the meeting for additional sharing and conversation. Bring a question to ask and an idea to share to get the most out of this informal discussion session.

2024 is a pivotal election year for many stations across the country, both locally and nationally. From large newsrooms to smaller ones, we’re all looking for better ways to cover the important issues this year. 

Just in time for Engineers Week 2024, Design Squad has new hands-on, fun-packed, and high-impact resources for you to engage your community in engineering. Design Squad’s wide range of resources include engineering design challenges for kids ages 8-13 plus supports for educators and families to help them gain comfort in leading engineering activities. Hear from the team at GBH Education who will share the latest from Design Squad, such as new videos, activities, and apps.

How do you get from where you are to where you want to be? The only answer is to learn how to grow yourself.

In this three week course, PBS Charlotte General Manager Amy Burkett will challenge, equip, and empower you with the steps to take to get you where you want to go in life by using New York Times bestselling author John Maxwell’s book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

Fear of failure prevents us from:

  • Trying new things
  • Taking on new challenges
  • Exposing yourself to new experiences

This 90-minute course introduces you to the statistics around the fear that's holding you back. You'll learn:

This 90-minute course introduces you to the research by author Dr. Tim Elmore and will equip you with strategies to create a better working environment with the four primary generations in today's workforce. Only 20% of businesses have a strategy for intergenerational work. Leaders need to capitalize on what each generation brings to the team and leverage it as a competitive advantage.

Join GBH and NETA to learn all about a new community engagement initiative called Playtime with the Wombats!. This initiative seeks to engage families with young children in active play around computation thinking (CT). The initiative is comprised of two components. The first is an in-person, mobile “pop-up” experience where families can try Wombats! hands-on CT activities and ‘play the show.’ The Pop-Up Activity Exhibit for Families is highly flexible and can be used in a wide variety of settings, such as outdoor events, libraries, or community centers.

Dive into the exciting world of on-air promotions in the NETA Webinar Creating Promos That Stick.

Join Rob Elliot, on-air image/promotions manager for KET, for a dynamic discussion on shaping your promo's content with a clean and easily understood edit. Rediscover the importance of content comprehension, articulating your message, and identifying your audience, while exploring diverse strategies to captivate viewer attention.

Join the Education PLC for an informal discussion and brainstorming session about how to engage with your community during the Back to School season! We want to talk about materials, events, promotions and more. Bring a question to ask and an idea to share to get the most out of this informal discussion session.

The community engagement work of public media stations is a core part of our mission, but is your story being told effectively? This webinar will discuss methods of telling the story of your station's community engagement efforts both internally and externally. On-air spots, printed material, community partners, board of directors/community advisory boards, station staff, and social media.

Learning Goals / Key Takeaways: