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Peer Learning Communities

The NETA Peer Learning Communities (PLC) help members' staff increase skills, collegiality, and long-term commitment to public media's education mission. PLCs connect members and provide a space for sharing best practices, developing professional support networks, and identifying high-impact projects that members could jointly pursue. 

"PLCs give station staff the opportunity to bounce ideas off of other likeminded station staff and work together to build ideas for the greater good of the public media system. I appreciate being able to collaborate outside of my (station) bubble!" -Patricia Moynihan, director of digital, WFSU Public Media

"The NETA MarComm PLC is a great connector to others in the system. I’ve gained great friendships and learned so much from my time on this PLC." -Sandy Gillette McBride, director of communications, Idaho Public Television

Join your community!

Most NETA PLCs have a member-elected executive committee consisting of a chair, vice-chair, members-at-large, and a NETA staff liaison. All staff from NETA Member stations are welcome to join the PLC(s) that best fits their role(s) in public media. 

Current PLCs include Community Engagement, Content, Education, MarCom, Cyber, and Public Media Innovators. Use the links below to enroll in your chosen PLC(s) on Public Media Learns, or contact the NETA liaison for the PLC(s) you choose to join.


Chair • Cari Kozicki, Chief of Staff to the COO, Business Operations & Strategy, Lehigh Valley Public Media
Vice-Chair • Amy Labenski, Senior Director of National Impact and Engagement, WETA
Past Chair • Denita Malvern, Director of Community Engagement, KERA
Member at Large • Caryline Clark, Engagement Manager, Iowa PBS
Member at Large • Emmalee Hackshaw, Vice President for Community Engagement, Georgia Public Broadcasting
Member at Large • Darren LaShelle, President & CEO, NorCal Public Media
Member at Large • Andrea Quijada, Outreach & Engagement Specialist, New Mexico PBS
NETA Liaison • Tim Eernisse

Join the Community Engagement PLC on Public Media Learns and the Facebook Group


Chair • Brenda Bowyer, Senior Producer, WNIT
Vice Chair • Suzanne Smith, Executive Producer for Television, WFSU Public Media
Past Chair • Heather Mazzoni, Chief Content Officer, WHRO
Member at Large • Karen Bell, Director of Programming, KET
Member at Large • Fujio Watanabe, Manager of Media Production, Houston Public Media
Member at Large • Emily Compton, Executive Producer, WTCI
Member at Large • Tabitha Safdi, Chief Content Officer, SCETV
NETA Liaison • Bob Petts

Join the Content PLC on Public Media Learns and the Facebook Group


Chair • Laura Evans, Director of Education, Georgia Public Broadcasting
Vice Chair • Cathy Cook, Director of Education, WQED
Past Chair • Nikki Vradenburg, Director of Education, Montana PBS
Member at Large • Marion French, VP Education, WXXI
Member at Large • Arionna Ralleigh, Curriculum Design Manager, Nine PBS
Member at Large • Kari Wardle, Education Manager, Idaho Public Television
NETA Liaison • Lindsey Foat

Join the Education PLC on Public Media Learns and the Facebook Group


Chair • Patricia Moynihan, Director of Digital, WFSU Public Media
Vice Chair • Erik Ernst, Communications Associate Director, PBS Wisconsin
Past Chair • Cameron Risher, Director of Communications, Nebraska Public Media
Member at Large • Evy Todd, Publicists/Station Relations, New Mexico PBS
Member at Large • Leandra Parks, Digital Marketing Strategist, VPM
Member at Large • Sarah Lewis, Communications Manager, Iowa PBS
Member at Large • Barbara Shipley, Chief Development/Marketing Officer, East Tennessee PBS
NETA Liaison • Tonya Weber

Join the MarCom PLC on Public Media Learns and the Facebook Group


The Cyber PLC is open to NETA Members' cybersecurity professionals – The Few, The Proud, The Paranoid. This PLC is a space for public media security professionals to ask questions, share information, and gain insights while developing a support network of peers across the system. The Cyber PLC does not have an executive committee at this time. 

Facilitated by Heather Hankins, NETA information security manager, and Jimmy Benoit, VP of cybersecurity and program management at PBS, meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 3:00 PM ET. 

Fill out this form to join the Cyber PLC on Public Media Learns


The Public Media Innovators PLC is open to anyone in public media with a curious and innovative mindset. The PLC is focused on emerging media and technology trends that can enhance and evolve how public media operates and engages audiences. The group convenes to share knowledge and best practices for leveraging emerging technologies, to advocate for innovation and innovators across the public media ecosystem, and to explore opportunities for public media stations to collaborate or partner on developing innovative new content formats or audience experiences using emerging technologies. A speaker series is planned for the third Thursday of each month at 1:00 PM ET. 

Chair • Chad Davis, Chief Innovation Officer, Nebraska Public Media
Co-Vice Chair • Amber Samdahl, Creative Director, PBS Wisconsin
Co-Vice Chair • David Huppert, Director of the Media Innovation Lab, PBS North Carolina
NETA Liaison • Tim Eernisse

Join the Public Media Innovators PLC on Public Media Learns