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NETA webinars allow our members to participate in engaging discussions ton a variety of topics to increase skills and strengthen the long-term commitment to public media's education mission. We work closely with thought leaders throughout the system, including our very own PLC Executive Committees, to produce timely and content-rich online events. 

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Archived Webinars

2022 NETA Conference & CPB Public Media Thought Leader Forum
The NETA Conference is dedicated to providing public media professionals with meaningful and relevant connections to the people and ideas that are at the heart of our mission to educate, engage and entertain. 

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Join NETA and NAMI for a fireside chat about the power of resilience and connection during change and transition with tools and techniques to provide empathy for yourself and others. This dynamic dialogue will be led by authors, trainers, and mental health advocates Dr. Darlene Ifill-Taylor, Three Strand Wellness, and Joe Weston, Respectful Confrontation. The question and answer session will be facilitated by Dr.


Join this NETA Webinar to get an insider’s guide to UnRepresented, an award-winning documentary that reveals the driving forces behind the cycle of corruption in Congress.

During the hour, participants will meet the film producers and screen selected clips, explore the PBS LearningMedia UnRepresented lesson plan and hear how high school students used it to analyze representative government in the United States. The session will wrap with a review of promotional resources.

Parenting Minutes, a new series of interstitials from The WNET Group, focuses on key topics related to early childhood learning and raising children and is designed to support parents in their role as their child’s first teacher.

Join us to hear Milwaukee PBS and PBS North Carolina about how they adjusted studio and field productions to continue working through the pandemic. Participants will also have an opportunity to share their stories.
Returning to the Studio: Learn how engineers reconfigured the production control room to keep the studio safe following CDC guidelines. A system they developed and used - to use the studios remotely. Learn about processes that were developed to have a staggered workforce and methods they developed to keep the equipment clean. 

Remaining outward-facing during this season requires engaging with our communities differently. Virtual events have become the "new normal" but not all stations have made this pivot. Join us to explore this subject further.

Join NETA and WNET to get the latest on programs that will help students keep learning all summer long. Participants will hear about season two of CAMP TV and an update on LET'S LEARN from WNET, along with other educational programming perfect for summer learning from NETA Program Service. There will also be time to share your plans or questions about summer ITV programming. 

ATSC 3.0 is the next-generation broadcast system designed to improve the television viewing experience with higher audio and video quality, improved compression efficiency, robust transmission for reception on both fixed and mobile devices, and more accessibility, personalization and interactivity.

The journey of growing from manager to leader and ultimately CEO occurs over time. The first few years are critical for building on prior success while also letting go of tasks and projects that you’ve mastered. The challenge is to balance feeling uncomfortable with a strong desire and curiosity to try new things and learn new ways of getting the job done. This four-part series will provide you tools and training, as well as prompt self-reflection and self-awareness that will lead to new insights into what it means to lead.

Join us to learn what “burnout” means, how to identify when one is nearing that point, and ways to effectively set and enforce boundaries to achieve work-life balance.