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NETA Webinars

NETA webinars allow our members to participate in engaging discussions ton a variety of topics to increase skills and strengthen the long-term commitment to public media's education mission. We work closely with thought leaders throughout the system, including our very own PLC Executive Committees, to produce timely and content-rich online events. 

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Archived Webinars

This course surveys common issues regarding legal compliance with CPB and FCC regulations as well as how to establish compliance protocols at public media stations.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be the catalyst for multiple changes in every area of our lives — at home and at work. This course will share valuable information on maintaining our mental wellness, specifically in the workplace. We acknowledge that some may be returning to a very different looking workplace and others are continuing to work at home, with its benefits and challenges. This course will also share insights on how to support your community and the resources that are available.