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OSYO 0700 H1
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Cherokee Nation Businesses
RSU Public Television
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A groundbreaking series featuring inspiring, authentic stories of Cherokee people, history, and culture.

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The Cherokee language is sacred to the tribal nation but becoming endangered. Learn about a special book that’s having a greater impact than ever imagined.

Meet Zebadiah Nofire, a young Cherokee comedian setting the stage for Native comedy.

And hear Cherokee storyteller Whitney Roach share her favorite story about the Water Spider and how it brought the first fire. It’s a classic tale of small but mighty!

Come face-to-face with 2,000-pound bison. It’s all in a day’s work for Dale Lee Glory, who oversees the Cherokee Nation’s bison herd. Hear how the rodeo circuit prepared him for the challenges of the open range.

Cherokee Nation citizen Tonya Wapskineh is a community health advocate who believes health and culture go hand-in-hand. See how she combines modern dietary standards and traditional Cherokee games to support diabetes prevention.

Kindra Swafford is an award-winning mixed-media and watercolor artist known for her bright and vivid work. She sets an example for every creative person on how finding a community of support and guidance leads to sharper skills and artistic growth.

Meet Cheyenne McKinney whose success as a champion boxer led to a new career in the sports world – coaching the next generation.

Cherokee Nation Prevention Specialist Coleman Cox is battling on the front lines of addiction. Hear what it takes to affect positive change in a community.

See how Cherokee potter Carrie Lind works with clay in its most pure form, harvested from the earth. She explains her artistic journey from modeling tradition to developing her own style.

Saddle up with horse trainer and national champion Lisa Gallery to experience a one-of-a-kind connection with horses.

Meet vivid storyteller Nathalie Standingcloud. Her stories are told in ink and on the screen as she showcases her talent as both an emerging tattoo artist and actress.

Eric Vardeman is known as “The Curling Guy”. He shares why this game of strategy has sometimes been called “chess on ice”.

Would you catch a fish by letting it bite you? It’s called noodling. Kenny Limore, “The Cherokee Noodler” demonstrates how to keep the catfish biting from their holes in lakes and rivers.

Sara Hoklotubbe is a mystery writer who aims to dispel myths often written about Natives while staying true to Cherokee culture through her characters. Hear the inspiration for Sadie Walela, a Cherokee woman with sharp skills for solving crimes.

Cherokee Nation’s Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Lizz Toombs shares her passion to protect cultural assets and historic lands for future generations.

And learn about an uncomfortable part of Cherokee history with an unvarnished look at the Cherokee Slave Revolt of 1842.

Marvel at the intricate work of Cherokee artist Tayler Gutierrez and see how the past and present come together in a vibrant online community.

See how artist Bryan Waytula also uses generational knowledge to create his own new and distinctive style.

Meet Sam Horsechief, a beloved running coach who has left a lasting impression on all his athletes. He shares what pushed him and how he continues to challenge and encourage his own students.

And explore the historic Chisholm Trail named after Cherokee trader and diplomat Jesse Chisholm. He blazed a trail for cattle traders throughout Indian Territory.

Cordney McClain is an educator, actor, and poet who always leaves his audience wanting more. Hear his inspiring message to live life to its fullest.

The critical importance of water is symbolized by the creek on Roberta Sapp’s family land. She shares lessons on conservation that have been passed down through generations.

Conservation of natural resources is the focus of attorney Geneva Thompson’s work. She shares how bridging the areas of environmental and tribal law can help protect our planet.

Gina Olaya, daughter of the late Wilma Mankiller, former principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, was inspired by her mother’s memory to endure health challenges with grace and dignity. Olaya’s passion and influence lives on in the art and architecture of many Cherokee buildings.

Multi-talented Steve Mashburn has no shortage of hobbies. He is both an award-winning Cherokee silversmith and beekeeper. Join Steve as he spreads his knowledge to help his metalsmith students find their spark.

Lori Enlow is an ultra-endurance runner, racking up several miles every day training for competition. Witness Lori’s motivation for yourself as she stays the course and crosses the finish line.

Cherokee biologist Caleb Hickman reveres all of nature’s creatures, even the less than majestic ones. Caleb explains the importance of all species from tiny salamanders to roosting bats.

David Fowler has dedicated his career to preserving the accurate history of the Cherokee Nation and Oklahoma. See how he gets students excited about learning by literally dressing the part.

Indian Tacos are the ultimate Cherokee comfort food. Meet Annette Luethje as she serves up the tasty dish with a side of culture, and a dash of friendly competition.

Meet DJ McCarter, a Cherokee speaker, elder, and a Baptist pastor who aims to keep the Cherokee language alive through education and music.

Patsy Phillips is the Director of the Museum of Contemporary Native Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she advocates for contemporary Native artists.

Few know the Cherokee Blowgun as well as Danny McCarter. As a lifelong teacher and Cherokee national treasure, Danny shares his passion for preserving traditions.

Daniel Mink’s passion led him to a unique career in graphic design. Rooted in ancestral art and motifs, his work creates a modern visual identity for the Cherokee Nation.

And learn about the historic efforts of Principal Chief John Ross to hold the Cherokee Nation together during the divisive period of the U.S. Civil War.

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