Our newest program offers
Sit and Be Fit:  Live in Central Park - 100s
Recorded at “Tavern on the Green”
Feeds Saturday August 17 @ 1200 - 1300ET/HD04 sIX
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Walk the Walk
Teaching students how to actively improve their communities
Feeds Wednesday August 21 @ 1430 - 1500ET/HD04 sIX
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Learning from Costa Rica
Prioritizing funding education over defense
Feeds Friday September 6 @ 1130 - 1200ET/HD04 sIX
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Kids In Crisis:  You're Not Alone
Help for bullying, depression and thoughts of suicide
Feeds Friday, August 23 @ 1430 - 1500ET/HD04 (30-minute documentary)
Feeds Friday, August 23 @ 1500 - 1600ET/HD04 (includes 30-minute follow-up program)
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Hudson River School #101:  Artistic Pioneers
An artistic vision of the American wilderness
Feeds Saturday, September 28 @ 1600 - 1700ET/HD04 sIX
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Hudson River School:  Cultivating a Tradition
An artistic vision of 19th century America
Feeds Saturday, September 28 @ 1700 - 1800ET/HD04 sIX
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Ghosts of the Elysian Arms:  Theater of the Mind
Each room of this hotel has a frightening story to tell
Feeds Friday, September 20 @ 1600 - 1700ET/HD04 sIX
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Our California - 200 series
Hidden treasures of the Golden State
Feeds Mondays beginning October 14 @ 1230 - 1300ET/HD04 sIX
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Lost River Sessions - 200 series
Live folk, bluegrass and Americana
Feeds Mondays beginning October 21 @ 1200 – 1230ET/HD04 sIX
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Voice of America:  Lowell Thomas and the Rise of Broadcast Journalism
He brought the world to all of America
Feeds Saturday, September 21 @ 1600 - 1700ET/HD04 sIX
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