Our newest program offers
Barefoot College
Lessons for our current education debate
Feeds Saturday, April 4 @ 1430 - 1500ET/HD04 sIX
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It's Sew Easy - 1900 series
Accessorize and embellish - 10th anniversary
Feeds Thursdays, beginning March 12 @ 1500 – 1530ET/HD04 sIX
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Classic Gospel - 1400 series
Josh Turner, David Phelps, the Gaither Vocal Band and more.
Feeds Thursdays beginning April 16 @ 1300 – 1400ET/HD04 sIX
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Lady Jessie: A Vietnam Story
Sending thousands of care packages to our troops
Feeds Saturday, February 22 @ 1000 – 1030ET/HD04 sIX
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RUBI: A DACA Dreamer in Trump's America
A harrowing and ongoing immigration story
Feeds Saturday, March 21 @ 1430 – 1500ET/HD04 sIX
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Fishing Behind the Lines - 600 series
Getting to know a soldier through fishing
Feeds Wednesdays beginning March 18 @ 1500-1530ET/HD04 sIX
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New Environmentalists: From Liberia to Mongolia
Safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources
Saturday, March 28, 2020 @ 1430 – 1500ET/HD04 sIX
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Lessons from the Real World
Creating a meaningful educational experience
Feeds Saturday, February 29 @ 1130 – 1230ET/HD04 sIX
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A Journey Home: Revisiting the Lost Villages of the Aleutian Islands
A front line during World War II
Feeds Saturday, February 29 @ 1330 – 1400ET/HD04 sIX
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Once Was Water
A city thriving in the desert
Feeds Saturday, March 14 @ 1400 – 1500ET/HD04 sIX
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