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OSBE Members

Co-Chairs Courtney Pledger and Jayme Swain

Alabama Public Television, Philip Hutcheson - Interim General Manager

Arkansas PBS, Courtney Pledger - CEO

Connecticut Public Television, Mark Conteras - President and CEO

Florida Public Media, Patrick Yack - Executive Director

Georgia Public Broadcasting, Teya Ryan - President and CEO

Idaho Public Television, Ron Pisaneschi - General Manager

Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations, Mark Newman - Executive Director

Iowa PBS, Molly Phillips - General Manager

Kentucky Educational Television, Shae Hopkins - Executive Director

Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Beth Courtney - President and CEO

Maine Public, Mark Vogelzang - President and CEO

Maryland Public Television, Larry Unger - President and CEO

Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Ronnie Agnew - Executive Director

Montana PBS, Aaron Pruitt - General Manager

Nebraska Public Media, Mark Leonard - General Manager and CEO

New Hampshire Public Broadcasting, Peter Frid - President and CEO

Oklahoma Educational Television Authority, Polly Anderson - Executive Director

PBS Hawaii, Ron Mizutani - President and CEO

PBS North Carolina, Lindsey Bierman - Executive Director and General Manager

PBS Utah, Maria O'Mara - Executive Director

Prairie Public Broadcasting, John Harris - President and CEO

Rhode Island PBS, David Piccerelli - President

Rocky Mountain PBS, Amanda Mountain - President and CEO

South Carolina Educational Television, Anthony Padgett - President and CEO

South Dakota Public Broadcasting, Julie Overgaard - Executive Director

Texas PBS, Kierstan Schwab - Executive Director

Vermont PBS, Steve Ferreira - Interim CEO

VPM, Jayme Swain - President

West Virginia Public Broadcasting, Chuck Roberts - Executive Director

Wisconsin ECB, Marta Bechtol - Executive Director