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About OSBE

The Organization of State Broadcasting Executives (OSBE) is a public television affinity group comprised of the chief executives of public television networks and network associations. The group meets periodically to discuss common interests, share best practices, and support the needs of its members.



The Organization of State Broadcasting Executives (OSBE) seeks to strengthen its member organizations and influence critical issues facing the public media system.



Thriving statewide public media networks.


Quick Facts

OSBE member networks serve 28 states, with association members serving an additional 3 states. OSBE members operate a majority of public television stations (174 of 341) and serve a majority of markets (114). OSBE members provide service to much of rural America; of the 25 least populated states, OSBE members serve 18 of them.


Strategic Priorities

DEI - Content - Education - Technology - Advocacy - Professional Development
Editorial Integrity - Revenue models