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About OSBE

The Organization of State Broadcasting Executives (OSBE) is a professional association of chief executive officers of state public broadcasting networks and directors of commissions and authorities with statewide public broadcasting responsibilities. Its members account for almost half of the transmitters in the public television system.

Members meet semi-annually as peers and interact with each other as advocates/confidants. OSBE members are represented on the policy teams for national organizations, particularly those serving television licensees. OSBE members serve on the PBS board of directors, the APTS board of trustees and on NETA’s executive committee.


Service Areas

OSBE serves its members on matters of concern to both individual and multiple states. OSBE helps members when they need assistance with inquiries from their state legislatures by gathering the required information via electronic surveys. OSBE also keeps years of data on file, tracking trends in state funding levels, and executive compensation.

OSBE's three primary service areas are:

  • Review and formulation of proposed policies and/or guidelines on legal or regulatory matters having an impact on member service capacity.
  • Exploration and development of interstate projects.
  • Professional development and training opportunities.


Upcoming Meeting Dates



Wed., September 8 | 1-3P ET – Zoom Call

Wed., November 3 | 1-3P ET – Zoom Call