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America’s past through its food

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#1201 Copper Country
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was once the bustling center of the mining world during the late 1800s copper boom. Chef Walter Staib meets with an old friend to discover the roots of a “Yooper” and learn some regional recipes like a planked-style Lake Superior whitefish.

#1202 A Gathering on the Gulf
Chef Walter Staib travels to Pensacola, Florida, to learn of the centuries-long struggle to control this strategic region in the Gulf. Chef Staib teams up with three revered chefs to cook some local favorites over an open hearth. Recipes include pan-seared Pensacola red snapper, Spanish-style paella, and more.

#1203 Revolutionary Cattle Drive
Chef Walter Staib visits Southern Texas to learn the fascinating story of how Texas beef played a pivotal role in the outcome of the American Revolution. Along the way, he meets some modern cowboys to discover the origins of this American legend and cook recipes fit for a life on the open range. Recipes include cowboy stew, berry cobbler, and cabrito.

#1204 From Forest to Table
The Ozark Mountains have provided indigenous tribes and early settlers with nutrition to thrive off the land for centuries. Chef Walter Staib meets with a few modern foragers who reuse the Ozarks’ sustainable ingredients and natural resources to better their health and community. Recipes include acorn financier, pecan croquettes, and bitter green Panisse.

#1205 The French Castle on the Lake
Old Fort Niagara was once a pivotal stronghold for France, Britain, and America for centuries and was coveted as the gateway to the western frontier via the Great Lakes. Chef Walter Staib prepares 18th-century cuisine in the boulangerie of this historic French Castle on the Lake. Recipes include pea soup, salted cod, and bacon fraise.

#1206 The Great Smoky Mountains
European pioneers settled in the Smokies in the late 1700s, and the mountain culture they established has continued to the modern-day. Chef Walter Staib meets with the indigenous Cherokee Nation and prepares a few generational dishes over an open hearth. Recipes include blueberry cobbler and grilled pork tenderloin.

#1207 Bustling Bent’s Fort
Bent’s Old Fort, in present-day Colorado, was once a bustling trading post for a diverse mix of travelers and indigenous tribes along the Santa Fe Trail. Chef Staib discovers what life was like in the 1800s at this beautifully reconstructed adobe fort and cooks authentic recipes, including beef tongue and fried cactus.

#1208 Maryland Wine
Wine production on the eastern shore of Maryland dates back to the early 1700s. Chef Walter Staib joins an old friend on a Maryland vineyard to create a spectacular wine-pairing menu with recipes that include an oyster salad with Vidal Blanc and oxtail stew with merlot.

#1209 Protection on the Prairie
Fort Larned was established in 1859 on the western Kansas prairie to protect U.S. mail and trade along the bustling Santa Fe Trail. Chef Walter Staib explores the living history of this well-preserved frontier fort and prepares authentic recipes with the soldiers. Recipes include mashed peas with salted pork and peach pie.

#1210 Colonial Cuisine and Historic Hospitality
Chef Walter Staib returns to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to explore the Moravian garden and 18th-century kitchen house of Burnside Plantation. He also learns how the famed hospitality of the Moravians has continued to the modern-day while cooking recipes at the Historic Hotel Bethlehem. Recipes include ‘to fry beets’ and rack of venison.

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