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CNDA 0400 H1
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8 / 30
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Brandy Y Productions
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Canada’s culinary scene, nature, diversity of cultures, unique characters and Indigenous tourism.

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#401 Indigenous Tourism and Art in South Eastern Ontario
Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk meets the rare and endangered Ojibwe Spirit Horses and makes a corn husk doll at the Mādahòkì Farm in Ottawa’s Greenbelt. Then Brandy travels to Akwesasne where she makes traditional Mohawk cornbread. In Kingston she learns to paint with artist Francisco Corbett at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre.

#402 New Brunswick and a 1000 Islands Helicopter Tour in Ontario
Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk travels to Carters Point, New Brunswick where she learns about sturgeon caviar from Cornel Ceapa from Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar Inc. Then Brandy visits with the Metepenagiag Mi'kmaq Nation for an Indigenous tourism experience with Stephen and Florence Paul from First Nations Tourism. Next Brandy goes to Gananoque, Ontario where she sees the magnificent 1000 islands in a helicopter tour with Kouri's Kopters Inc.

#403 Boating on Ontario's Rideau Canal and Visiting Abbotsford, British Columbia
Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk travels to Smith Falls, Ontario where she learns how to drive a luxury boat with Le Boat down the Rideau Canal which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then Brandy flies west across Canada to Abbotsford, British Columbia where she makes samosas at the Mann Farm and learns about the owners’ South Asian Culture. Nearby Brandy explores the Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery and tastes wine made with grapes from across British Columbia’s wine regions.

#404 Exploring British Columbia’s Cariboo Chilcotin Region
Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk travels to the Cariboo Chilcotin Region in British Columbia where she learns how to make cinnamon buns at The Historic Cariboo Chilcotin Lodge in Riske Creek. Then Brandy learns how to trim a horse's hooves at the Terra Nostra Ranch in Kleena Kleene. In Clinton, Brandy meets David Arlen Park, a Musician and Owner of The Junction Cafe, who teaches her how to be a barista.

#405 Richmond’s Chinese Food, Birding and the Rocky Mountaineer
Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk visits Richmond, British Columbia where she goes on an Authentic Asian Easts Tour with Michelle Ng from Vancouver Foodie Tours. She tries delicious Chinese pastries at Kam Do Bakery and Chinese BBQ at HK B.B.Q. Master. Then Brandy meets with Nature Photographer and Birding Guide, Liron Gertsman, who goes birding with her at the Terra Nova Rural Park. Next Brandy travels on the Rocky Mountaineer train from Vancouver, British Columbia to Banff, Alberta.

#406 Seaweed Gin, Métis stew and Whisky
Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk travels to Sooke, British Columbia where she learns about seaweed from Amanda Swinimer at Dakini Tidal Wilds. Then she visits Sheringham Distillery where she tries gin made with seaweed. Brandy then goes to Alberta where she plows a field with horses and tries whisky at the Eau Claire Distillery in Turner Valley. In Calgary, Brandy learns how to cook a Métis stew at the Heritage Park Historical Village.

#407 Visiting the Québec Maritime region and Edmonton, Alberta
Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk visits the Québec Maritime region where she learns how to make paper from rags with poet and artisan Cynthia Calusic at L'Algue d’Or in L’Isle-Verte. Then she tries wine made from maple sap at Domaine Acer in Auclair, Québec. Next Brandy travels to Edmonton, Alberta where she learns how to make green onion cakes with the Green Onion Cake Man. Then she explores the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village which is an open-air museum telling the story of Ukrainian settlement in east central Alberta from 1892 to 1930.

#408 Indigenous cooking in Victoria and a Sunshine Coast Adventure in British Columbia
Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk travels to Victoria, British Columbia where she learns to cook an Indigenous meal with Cree-Metis Executive Private Chef Shirley Lang. Then Brandy travels to the Sunshine Coast where she takes a helicopter ride with Sunshine Coast Air, visits the Bricker Cider Company and meets Indigenous artist Levi Purjue.

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