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Empowering our next generation to become sustainable stewards of planet Earth.

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#401 Into Family Fishing in YOUR National Forests
In this episode, join in the adventure, fun, discovery, and the making of lasting memories as you watch two families on four different family fishing adventures in our National Forests. Besides fighting fish and remarkable wilderness scenery, share in some magical moments that create strong family bonds and memories to last a lifetime. And in the end, you'll also discover what awaits you and your family when... fishing in YOUR National Forest.

#402 Into Bringing Back Wisconsin's Elk
In this episode, we learn about the reintroduction of elk to the state of Wisconsin and how the Native Ojibwe tribes were involved in the effort. Watch as Into the Outdoors Adventure Team members Zach and Aubrey investigate what makes these animals so important to the Ojibwe, how they're being taken care of now, and what the elk have to do with something called, "treaty rights."

#403 Into Fishing with Cane Poles
In this episode, we learn about fishing with cane poles, the basics of different bait types, and safety tips for when fishing around a body of water. Join Into the Outdoors Adventure Team member Ben and his friends Ashten, Lucy, and Antonio as they head Into The Outdoors for a day of fishing with friends.

#404 Into Family Fishing the Last Frontier
Share in the adventure and personal discovery of three generations of anglers fishing the pristine waters of Alaska. Learn where, when, and how to catch five species in the nonstop action of one fish per minute during the half hour. It also explores the science of food webs and ecosystems in Alaska’s coastal rainforests.

#405 Into Wildlife Rehabilitation: First Responders
In this episode, we learn about wildlife rehabilitation. Hosts Zach and Sophie come across an injured young bird. What should they do? Professional rehabilitators from Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital in Lake Geneva, WI, help them sort through the “dos and don’ts” of wildlife rescue.

#406 Into Wetland Conservation
In this episode, we head to South Dakota to learn about how wetland habitats are being protected on both public and private lands. Join Into the Outdoors Adventure Team members Gracie and Zach as they tag along on a youth duck hunt to see first-hand how hunting supports conservation efforts. Surprised? We’re just getting started! Come along as we learn more about our nation's wetlands and how we can bring conservation into our own backyards.

#407 Into Boating Safety: How Life Jackets Save You
In this episode, we’re jumping into the science and importance of PFDs, or personal floatation devices – you know, your life jacket! Wearing a PFD can save your life in the case of a boating accident, but don’t take our word for it; listen to the impactful story of a boating accident survivor and how choosing the right PFD for your day on the water can be a life-changing decision. Join Adventure Team members Zach and Phoebe as they learn how PFDs work, how they are tested, why they are important, and how to have fun on the water while wearing one!

#408 Into Boating Safety: Exploring Vessels
In this episode, we learn about vessels! What are they? How can they be safely operated? Watch as the Into the Outdoors Adventure Team members Phoebe and Zack head to Sheboygan, WI, to talk to the U.S. Coast Guard and other boat safety experts. Join them as they embark on an adventure to discover the ins and outs of operating a vessel.

#409 Into Boating Safety: Fun With Watercrafts
In this episode, we’re heading out on the water in a variety of different watercrafts! Watersports have gained popularity in recent years, and with more people out on the water, we want to make sure everyone is enjoying the water safely. Join Adventure Team members Zach and Charlie as they try out stand up paddle boards (SUPs), kayaks, canoes, and personal watercrafts (PWCs), while learning the important safety steps to take before getting in the water.

#410 Into Careers: Heroes of the Forest
In this episode, we focus on careers in the field of forestry. The Division of Forestry is one branch of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; they partner with organizations, industries, and other professionals to ensure sustainable management of our forests. Into the Outdoors Adventure Team members Charlie and Lucas are on a "special mission" to explore the diverse career opportunities and pathways for young people interested in natural resources. Do you want to be a hero of the forest?

#411 Into Environmental Sustainability
In this episode, Adventure Team member Zach heads out into his community to learn more about sustainability and his role in creating a healthier environment. He investigates the causal relationships among humans, wildlife, and the environment to learn about human impact on our planet. Viewers learn along with Zach as he talks with wildlife experts, volunteers, and corporate professionals to learn about the importance of sustainability at the individual, community, and corporate levels.

#412 Into The History of Wolves
In this episode, Adventure Team members Zach and Mya dive deep into the history and identity of wolves. They talk with a variety of environmental experts about the relationships with wolves in different ecosystems as well as the cultural significance to the Ojibwe tribe. Join us in the search for truth and learn how to take up your own exploration as we get to the bottom of the importance of wolves.

#413 Into Recycling: Scrap Tires
What happens when a tire is no longer usable? Where does it go? Join the Into the Outdoors Adventure Team as they investigate sustainable solutions for scrap tires.

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