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NMTH 0300 H1
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13 / 120
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The best of the worst horror and sci-fi movies

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#301 Dementia 13
The gang returns to the NMTV studios with the help of special guest Deep Roy. and dig up this creaky 1963 thriller, directed by the legendary Francis Ford Coppola - proving conclusively that even cinematic geniuses can make crummy movies. Meanwhile, Sapo gives Mittens an axe and...

#302 Snowbeast
Mittens is stalked by an "investigative journalist" who threatens to expose him to his local access cable audience, as the NMT crew slogs through this 1977 made-for-TV stinker about a mysterious creature wreaking havoc on a ski resort.

#303 Hands of a Stranger
A concert pianist loses his hands in a car crash, and a mad surgeon replaces them with those of a criminal in the 1962 version of this oft-filmed French novel. Meanwhile, an unfortunate accident on the NMTV set gives Sapo an opportunity to perform some experimental surgery of his own.

#304 Teenage Zombies
Zombie-mania hits the NMTV studios as the gang screens this incredibly low-budget effort from 1959, wherein yet another mad scientist is turning fun-loving teens into unquestioning slaves. Sapo becomes concerned with both the growing zombie menace and the tendency to use middle-aged actors to play teenagers, and harnesses the corporate might of Von Doren Industries to produce products for both potential markets.

#305 The Devil’s Hand
Sapo conjures up a demon to the NMTV set, while screening this 1961 shlocker wherein a man's dreamlike visions of a mysterious woman lead him into a Satanic cult.

#306 Octaman
The NMT crew suffer through this 1971 micro-budget retread of "Creature From The Black Lagoon" wherein a team of scientists discover the titular beast, a half man-half octopus, deep in the Mexican swamps.

#307 Night Fright
Bad movie mainstay John Agar stars as the sheriff of a rural Texas town embattled by a mutant creature, the result of a government experiment gone horribly wrong, in this 1967 snoozer.

#308 Bride of the Gorilla
A microwave malfunction brings a sadly familiar face back to the NMTV studios, as the gang screens this lurid 1951 tale of a jungle wedding, a voodoo curse, and some big-league monkey business, featuring a young Raymond Burr and an old Lon Chaney Jr.

#309 The Alien Factor
The NMT crew endures yet another small-town-menaced-by-monsters movie from 1978, notable only for a performance by legendary horror host Richard "Count Gore De Vol" Dyszel, who plays the town’s greedy mayor.

#310 Wolfman
A prodigal son returns to his father's estate, only to discover he suffers from a family curse perpetrated by an evil reverend in this late-70s low-budget monster mash, directed by and starring hillbilly impresario Earl Owensby.

#311 The Brain Machine
A secret government project sends four unwitting volunteers into a technological nightmare in this drab drama from 1972, as Sapo attempts to recreate the experiment on an equally unwitting volunteer - himself.

#312 The Cremators
Goodness gracious, it's great balls of (alien) fire in this ludicrous low-budget laugher from 1973. Back in the NMTV studios, the Baron schools Sapo in the difference between good and bad scifi, and Sapo comes up with a "Cremators" brand coffee creamer.

#313 Encounter with the Unknown
It's All Hallows' Eve in the NMTV studios, as El Sapo schemes to trick the Baron out of his beloved Zagnut bars while watching this Rod Serling-narrated snoozer from 1972, allegedly "based on actual events.”

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