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NTRP 001900 H1
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8 / 30
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Celebrating Native American culture and heritage.

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#1901 Food Sovereignty
Explore the different ways Indigenous peoples practice food sovereignty. Ojibwe Chef shares his heritage on Madeline Island with his new restaurant Miijim. We also break down how an organization called Dream of Wild Health has created the Indigenous Food Network to support urban Native youth.

#1902 Indigenous Education
From finding ways to re-introduce cultural teachings into education systems, to nurturing knowledge at a higher level and exercising tribal rights, this episode explores what’s being done in Indian country in terms of education and the practice of Sovereign rights. Plus, we learn what we can do to lead healthier lives and hear from our elders.

#1903 Exploring South Dakota
Travel to the Black Hills of South Dakota to learn about a historical site making history. Plus, we shed light on what kind of community led resources are available on Pine Ridge Reservation. And, we learn what we can do to lead healthier lives and hear from our elders.

#1904 Encouraging Learning and Creativity
From encouraging learning language through games, to inspiring children through a superhero, and even an Indigenous owned company sharing the written word, this episode focuses on the creative ways people are sharing their heritage.

#1905 Moments in History
Look back at moment in history where sovereign rights to fish and hunt were tested. Plus, we share how a look at how treaties are recognized and celebrated today and a highly commemorated site making history.

#1906 Sharing Heritage
Travel through Minnesota all the way to Michigan to get a deeper look at how some Indigenous peoples are sharing their culture and heritage in modern day settings. Plus, we learn what we can do to lead healthier lives and hear from our elders.

#1907 Building and Honoring Legacy
From the re-introduction of bison into Indigenous communities to new legislation providing a unique opportunity, this episode explores how some Minnesota Indigenous communities are building a legacy. Plus, we see some of the nation's best stick-ball players gathered for a community led tournament.

#1908 Spreading Awareness for Inter-generational Trauma
This episode will be a little different than usual. We break format to explore a highly controversial topic: American Indian boarding schools. Also known as residential schools, these schools were established in the mid 17th century with the main goal of assimilating Native American children. They stole children from their families, took their names and their language, cut their hair, and erased their history. We will discuss how this erasure of history has led to inter-generational trauma and look at how some Indigenous people have processed that trauma while bringing awareness to it.

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