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NTRP 17000 H1
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10 / 30
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Celebrating Native American culture and heritage.

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#1701 Energy, Natural Resources, and Honoring Traditions
We're exploring energy and natural resource operations led by Natives that align and honor traditional ways. As well as efforts to protect natural resources in the name of stewardship responsibilities.

#1702 Political Policies & MMIW Epidemic
This episode is about Natives and non-Natives in political office who are game-changers - focusing their time and efforts on political policies impacting Indian Country, such as outdated laws and the MMIW epidemic. We also hear from an Ojibwe musician who wrote a song of healing for Native women impacted by harms such as sexual assault.

#1703 Natural Resource Management & Naming
We're highlighting natural resource management and protection efforts Native Nations are spearheading, from food sovereignty to fish species. And, digging deeper into the importance of the naming of our natural resources in respectful, non-offensive ways.

#1704 Protecting Traditions & Honoring Protectors
We hear from Natives who're carrying on ancestral traditions, and who feel they're protecting what was traditionally important to their ancestors; while honoring Native veteran protectors who've served our country in the past, present and future.

#1705 Cultural Storytellers
We hear from tribal artists and authors who share traditional stories of the past that live on today, as well as carry on the Ojibwe language and cultural roots in writings, artwork, and exhibits.

#1706 Going the Distance
We’re exploring stories of those who are going the distance in sports – on wheels and on the football field. As well as shine a light on those who’ve made the decision to work with Indian Country to illuminate their culture, stories, and successes.

#1707 Curators of Culture & Tradition
We hear from modern keepers of knowledge using education, technology, and trends to continue on cultural traditions. We talk with an Ojibwe language teacher, the developer of a gamebook, and the creator of a Native superhero!

#1708 Between Two Worlds
They're between two worlds; we learn more about what it's like to be multi-racial in Alaska, talk with those who identify as Two-Spirited in modern times, and hear from an Oneida Nation language instructor as the language is in a state of emergency.

#1709 Modern Impact of Past Policies
We illuminate some aspects of how Native people today are impacted by past policies; such as boarding school experiences and lasting intergenerational traumas, as well as blood quantum policies.

#1710 Native Philanthropy & Giving Back
Philanthropic work and giving back to communities is a constant in Indian Country; we highlight some folks looking out for the welfare of their people, land, and beyond.

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