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CRXS 0500H1
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10 / 30
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Centurion 5
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Mexico – music, food and culture

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#501 Villa del Valle
On this episode, Host Jorge Meraz explores Villa del Valle, an establishment in Valle de Guadalupe. While there he learns Yoga with the founder, learns about wine making processes, and dines out at “Corazon de Tierra” -- a top-rated restaurant in the area.

#502 Cuatro Cuatros
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to go on an African Safari? Jorge Meraz does. Join our host as he camps it out in style. But this isn’t Africa, this is Baja's wine country. Camping, dining, zip-line, and even a visit to what could possibly be the most scenic bathroom of Baja. Next we check out a small time vineyard owned by a local called Minas del Valle.

#503 Baja Orchestra & Alma Verde
Have you ever dreamed of waving that little wand in front of a professional orchestra? Enjoy such an experience vicariously through Jorge as he gets to meet the Baja Orchestra. We chat with the director, the musicians, the youth symphony, and more. Music is a beautiful thing, and we get to explore the musicians that give a cultural touch to Tijuana. Afterwards, we wash down all that musical education with an organic meal at the Alma Verde restaurant.

#504 Food Trucks and Trash
On this episode, join Jorge Meraz as he discovers some of the finest cuisine imaginable aboard Tijuana’s extremely popular food trucks. These meals on wheels are taking Mexico by storm. Join Jorge as he partakes in a variety of fun dining experiences at 10 different trucks without having to re-park! Then follow along as we meet with an engineer from the United Nations who is helping the poor communities of Tijuana. He is helping repurpose old tires and trash into building materials to create recreational areas, retaining walls, and more, through a program called Alter Terra.

#505 The Art of Baja
There is so much to love about the art community in Rosarito. Meet a glass carving genius who uses sand blasting techniques he invented himself, then see some traditional and non-traditional paint and brush techniques; and lastly, meet a real life sculptor who creates wax and clay models that transform into metal masterpieces.

#506 Indian Food
Host Jorge Meraz meets a man from India who opened up the first Punjabi Indian Restaurant of its kind in Baja. Ramesh Kumar has made Tijuana his home and enjoys sharing the flavors of India with the community. Jorge partakes in the delicious cuisine, using his hands instead of a fork. Later, we meet Ramesh’s family and play a game of Cricket.

#507 Wine Ride & Morroxican Food
There is always more to be discovered in Baja’s wine country. Host Jorge Meraz saddles up on horseback for a wine valley tour and afterwards freshens up with some wine tasting and conversation at Via de Frannes, a family-owned winery. Then Jorge indulges in some cross cultural cuisine at the Mi Casa Supper Club. Learn how Chef and owner, Bo Bendana, brought Morocco cuisine to Mexico.

#508 Baja Craft Beer Tour
San Diego is known as a craft beer capital, but Tijuana is catching on - Host Jorge scopes out the local businesses, beer bloggers, and home brewers. We interview the owners of two different popular breweries Wendlandt and Cerveceria Insurgente, bottle a beer in the home of craft brew enthusiast, and talk with the locals on this budding scene. Beer, beer, and more beer...that’s the theme of this very bubbly episode.

#509 Waterpark & Baja Burger
The word is getting out about a new Tijuana water park called “El Vergel”. The park recently installed a ridiculous launch ramp called the Slip n’ Fly. Will Host Jorge Meraz be brave enough to take the plunge? Find out! Afterwards, we warm up with a meal at Baja Burgers with some tasty meaty bites.

#510 Parque del niño Jersey Zoo
Host Jorge Meraz visits a zoo located between Rosarito and Ensenada, called the Parque del Niño Jersey Zoo. We get up close and personal with the exotic animals and feed the monkeys, the tigers, and a camel that likes to stick his tongue out. Later, we learn about the growing

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