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Our Members


Membership is open to organizations who have service to public television licensees or subsets thereof as their primary mission, and who show proof that the organization and its elected representatives are authorized by the entity's licensee members to participate and to represent its membership.

The Members of the Affinity Group Coalition are:

  • Independent Public Television Stations Association*
  • Joint Licensee Group (JLG)
  • National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA)*
  • Organization for State Broadcasting Executives (OSBE)*
  • Small Station Association (SSA)*
  • University Licensee Association (ULA)*
  • Public Television Major Market Group (PTMMG)


* indicates a Founding Member, considered permanent and remains so as long as membership criteria are met





The AGC has the following standing committee:

  • Professional Development

The following committees are installed and convene as needed:

  • Governance & Nominating
  • Communication
  • State & University Funding
  • Advocacy
  • Editorial

Through the Editorial Committee, the AGC is actively involved in the Editorial Integrity Project.

Our Representatives


Ed Ulman, Chair

Professional Development Committee Chair

  • Amy Burkett, PBS Charlotte

Independent Public Television Stations Association

  • David Brinkley, WKU PBS - Western Kentucky University / Bowling Green

Joint Licensee Group

  • Moss Bresnahan, Illinois Public Media / Champaign-Urbana
  • Norm Silverstein, WXXI / Rochester

National Educational Telecommunications Association

  • Amy Burkett, PBS Charlotte
  • Courtney Pledger, Arkansas PBS

Organization for State Broadcasting Executives

  • Jayme Swain, VPM
  • Molly Phillips, Iowa PBS

Small Station Association

  • Royal Aills, Rogers State University Television (KRSU) / Claremore
  • Ed Ulman, Alaska Public Media

University Licensee Association

  • Jack Gibson, AZPM/Tucson
  • Isabel Reinert, WPSU

Public Television Major Market Group 

  • Amanda Mountain, Rocky Mountain PBS
  • Rob Dunlop, Cascade Public Media / Seattle