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Programming Service


NETA Program Distribution is an efficient and cost-effective way to make your program available nationally to public television.  Our team of life-long public television professionals will work with you to ensure your program meets all technical and editorial guidelines and present and promote it to public television stations across the country.  We also offer additional promotional services that will make your program stand out to stations and viewers.

NETA Programming SERVICE 

Programming Service subscription fees include program management (digital file delivery to stations and metadata), submission to PBS national database, rights management, consultation on editorial and technical standards, and packaging and underwriting compliance with PBS guidelines.

Services included in handling fees:
  • Program Offer distributed to all programmers and programming services in the PBS system (6-13 weeks before the scheduled availability date).
  • Featured on the NETA website.
  • Video promos and images uploaded to PBS Source (digital asset management system used by PBS for station use in promoting your program in local markets).
  • Included in text listings of monthly feed newsletter.

Additional Services


Premiere Promotions

Enhanced Promotions
  • Templated email sent to station programming, marketing, and engagement professionals to increase reach and awareness.  
  • Resent up to two additional times during rights period in conjunction with scheduling suggestions to encourage additional carriage and marketing.
Premium Promotions & Communications
  • Develop Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and distribute it to PTV stations for marketing and promotions (possible content includes extended description, awards, biographies, on-air promos, social media content, and scheduling hooks).
  • Create a custom email for programmers — strategically scheduled and distributed to align with monthly themes, current events, and PBS Beacon events to encourage carriage (~1 week before the scheduled date). Resent up to two additional times during the rights period in conjunction with scheduling hooks.
  • E-mailed to station programmers, engagement, education, and marketing/communications professionals with full EPK.
  • Featured in NETA’s genre-specific collections.

Full-Service Station Relations 

NETA will connect you with our contracted station relations professionals.
 NETA’s recommended contacts provide ongoing support and personal one-on-one connections to ensure that programmers across the country are aware of your program. They have years of experience and are well-connected in the PTV system — ensuring increased carriage for your program. Fees and services vary but can include:

  • Directly contacting programmers through calls to personally pitch your program.
  • Timely and multiple follow-ups with PTV stations
  • Expanding the reach of the program to communications and outreach staff at stations
  • Liaising with publicity and promotional consultants
  • Providing feedback from programmers
  • Reporting on carriage success

Education and/or Engagement Wrap-Arounds 

The NETA team will work with you to develop a strategy for community engagement and
educational materials. Options include:

  • Creating and/or distributing educational materials aligned with national and state standards
  • Packaging and uploading video clips and educational materials to PBS LearningMedia
  • Create an Engagement Guide for stations with engagement materials and strategies (recommended community partners, activities, discussion guides for screenings, and social engagement suggestions)

Contact the NETA Program Service and we will help you establish a promotional plan for your program and discuss associated fees.


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