WNET announced they are requesting proposals from public television stations for CAMP TV Season Two production and community engagement activities. Proposals are due March 5.

In anticipation of funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, WNET announced a second season of CAMP TV, a broadcast series for elementary school children (grades K-5) blending day camp and learning into a daily hour of playful summer fun. CAMP TV will be distributed via Wavelength and tentatively NETA, and customizable by local stations. 

WNET is soliciting proposals from public television stations in communities across the country to take part in the project. Participating stations will be asked to partner with a relevant local organization, produce three (3) segments leading children in an easy & fun activity, customize a minimum of two (2) episodes of CAMP TV with content from their community, launch a promotional campaign for the series, share local content on Wavelength for download and use by other public media stations, and broadcast all twenty hours of CAMP TV Season Two on their primary channels.  Ten public media stations will receive payments of $7,500 for their participation in the initiative. CAMP TV Season Two will include at least one segment from each participating station in the national series.    

Please review the CAMP TV Season Two RFP Background Information and Station Site Plan materials for further information.

Submit your station’s completed plan, as well as accompanying letters of support, via email to Maggie Bower, Community Engagement Associate, bowerm@thirteen.org by Friday, March 5, 2021, at 5 pm ET. Stations will be selected by 5 pm ET on Friday, March 12, 2021.  

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