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The Accelerating Leadership Academy by Victory Strategies is designed with the working professional in mind. You'll learn from elite leadership practitioners who have lived it, studied it, researched it, and now teach it.

We cover 40+ leadership topics and lessons to ensure comprehensive and inclusive leadership development. 15-minute lessons allow you to accelerate leadership at your own pace. Interactive components assist in taking the curriculum from "what and why" to "how". Resources are available to continue learnings after lesson completion to ensure that you never stop accelerating leadership. You'll receive a master's level certificate of completion after completing the curriculum. This course is rooted in scientific research from professors at Ivy League institutions.

What you'll learn:

  • Identify and describe essential leadership qualities that assist in establishing yourself as a leader of a small team or large organization.
  • Identify and define team-focused leadership fundamentals.
  • Recognize how to cultivate a team-focused environment and develop the team to ensure all individuals are able to grow and improve.
  • Describe what a team is and identify essential leadership qualities to lead successful teams.
  • Identify and overcome leadership challenges.
  • Demonstrate leadership actions and qualities to bring a diverse group of people together for a common goal.
  • Recognize potential leadership challenges and provide solutions to overcome them.
  • Demonstrate foundational and practical leadership knowledge to increase achievement and confidence as well as further professional development and growth.

This course is an exclusive opportunity for NETA Members and available at a discount rate thanks to Victory Strategies' NETA Affiliate Membership.

The Accelerating Leadership Academy by Victory Strategies