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WSSH 1500H1
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13 / 30
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Iowa PBS
Woodsmith Shop, / Active Interest Media
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Each program is designed to be an information-packed presentation of woodworking furniture projects, along with the tips and techniques to build them. Roundtable discussions explore a wide range of woodworking topics to help people set up and enjoy spending time in their woodworking shop. Whether viewers are just starting out, or have been woodworking for years, they’ll find something new in every episode. Host and Cast: Host Phil Huber is joined by fellow experienced woodworkers, Chris Fitch and Logan Wittmer.

#1501 Compact Home Office
On this episode of the Woodsmith Shop, the cast builds a pair of work from home essentials: a desk and wall shelf combo. They’re designed to fit just about anywhere. Simple, robust joinery means you can build them in a short time and they’ll last for years.

#1502 Build a Better Bookcase
A bookcase offers versatile storage to store and display more than just books. Chris, Logan, and Phil create a unique design that rests on a stand for a lighter look. Learn about solid wood joinery and the tools and techniques for rugged results.

#1503 Top-Notch Table Saw Jigs
Rip and crosscut — that’s what most people use the table saw for. However, with these two add-ons, you can also make sturdy drawers and cut amazing dovetails. Learn the essentials to build each jig, then find out how to make them work their best.

#1504 Quick & Easy Band Sawn Boxes
Take your band saw skills to the next level with these fun and quick box projects. Chris starts with a leaf-inspired box. Phil adds another skill in making a hinged lid. And Logan steps it up with a box that includes a pair of drawers — all without leaving the band saw.

#1505 Patio Planter
Let’s take it outside. The crew makes an eye-catching cedar planter that’s sure to become a focal point in your yard. It features a built-in trellis with a custom copper insert. Learn what it takes to build long-lasting outdoor projects with basic tools.

#1506 Easy-to-Build Workshop Organizers
Join Phil, Chris, and Logan as they make a couple of upgrades for the workshop. Up first is a Cleanup Center that corrals the supplies that keep your shop tidy. Then they build a go-anywhere clamp cart. Clever holders let you customize the cart to the clamps you have.

#1507 Clever Craft Center
This vintage-inspired box offers a lot of storage features to keep your craft tools and supplies within easy reach. You’ll learn how to make durable finger joints. Then find out how to make the tackle-box style trays. You may just end up making more than one.

#1508 Entryway Essentials
Join the team to build a pair of projects to upgrade your entry: a coat rack and a bench. These solid wood projects can be built in a weekend and enjoyed for a lifetime. The coat rack has Arts & Crafts appeal and the bench features a woven seat.

#1509 Best Ever Tool Cart
Skip the sheet metal tool carts you find in the store and make a better one yourself. The design allows you to customize the drawers and trays inside to suit your needs. Building this cart introduces you to woodworking skills you’ll use time after time.

#1510 Outdoor Dining Table
Fire up the grill and enjoy a meal outdoors with this strong and sturdy picnic table. This design combines the looks of a country-style dining table with the rugged construction you need outdoors. Learn about the materials and finish to keep the table looking its best.

#1511 Jimmy Clewes Turns
The cast of the Woodsmith Shop is joined by turner Jimmy Clewes. He’ll demonstrate his technique for creating his signature platters. He also dives into the tools and essential techniques that can help you get started on your bowl and platter turning adventures.

#1512 Logs to Lumber
For Logan Wittmer, woodworking starts right at the tree. On this episode, he shares about his portable sawmill, cutting trees into boards and getting them ready for a project. Along the way, you’ll discover how to work with a sawyer and save money while finding wood you can’t buy anywhere else.

#1513 High-Tech Woodworking
A CNC router in your shop opens up a lot of woodworking possibilities. You can build one yourself or buy one. Chris Fitch, our resident CNC expert explores what you need to get started. Then learn about a project or two that you can make right away.

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