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#1401 The Best Miter Saw Stand
On this episode of the Woodsmith Shop, the cast introduces the new shop space and gets started on making a mobile work center for the miter saw. It folds up for compact storage and features built-in dust control and an easy-to-build construction process.

#1402 Laid Back Bookrack
Say goodbye to plain box-like bookcases. This unique project offers an open design, an appealing look, and puts a new angle on storing your books. The cast explores essential woodworking joinery, working with solid wood parts, and customizing projects to suit your needs.

#1403 Three Bright Candle Projects
A candle or two transforms any room into a cozy environment. On this episode, the cast builds three candle-based projects. Each one focuses on a different tool, set of skills, and material choices. There’s sure to be at least one of these projects that you’ll want to build.

#1404 Take Care of Your Tools
In order for you to have fun in your workshop, your tools need to be working their best. Well-tuned machines and sharp tools are safer, too. Chris, Logan, and Phil look at three different tools to consider what it takes to keep them in top shape.

#1405 Shop Stool & Step Stool
One project offers a comfortable place to sit, the other gives you a leg up. On this episode, the Woodsmith Shop team build two different stool projects. There are plenty of opportunities to give these projects your own look and both can be made in a weekend.

#1406 A New Old Workbench
A woodworker standing at a workbench is a classic image of the craft. This episode of the Woodsmith Shop walks through the process of building an English style workbench. There’s a lot to like about this bench, from its sturdy construction to its unique wood screw vise.

#1407 Playing Games in the Shop
Even with digital distractions all around us, classic board and card games have never been more popular. Even better if you can build them yourself. These ideal gift projects include checkers, cribbage, and mancala. It’s time to start building.

#1408 Platform Bed
Building a bed is much easier than you think. There aren’t many parts and you get a chance to work on some important woodworking skills. In this episode, the Woodsmith Shop crew makes a platform bed with a paneled headboard. Eye-catching material and stain give it a great look.

#1409 Carpenter’s Toolbox
Take your tools wherever you need them with this classically inspired toolbox. Learn the skills to make box joints on the table saw. Add distinctive molding profiles and fit out the inside to hold your essential tools. It adds up to a practical, good-looking organizer.

#1410 Paneled Storage Chests
The three storage chests the Woodsmith Shop cast make on this episode all have great appeal. But underneath the beauty, is a surprisingly simple construction process. And it’s perfect for adding your own touch. Learn how to make one yourself.

#1411 Bird House & Feeder
Here’s a great way to enjoy nature while enjoying your woodworking hobby. This episode shows you how to make a clever round birdhouse and a shingled bird feeder. Besides being simple and fun to make, these projects teach essential woodworking skills you can use on other projects.

#1412 Turned Tool Handles
It’s time to put a new spin on your tools. With a lathe and a few small pieces of wood, you can create custom tool handles for your workshop and even some great kitchen accessories, too. Learn the easy-to-master skills for these fun projects.

#1413 Roll-Around Tool Cabinet
There’s a lot to like this in handy cabinet: it has plenty of storage and organization options, it rolls wherever you need it, and it looks great. You might just end up using it in the house for storing pantry or craft supplies. Find out just how easy it is to make on this episode.

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