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WTRV 0300 H2
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6 / 30
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Moshman Productions Inc
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America’s unusual festivals, museums and characters

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#301 Host Will Clinger meets Mr. Pierogi, Ms. Pasczki and the polka-loving Pierorgettes at Pierogi Fest in Whiting, Indiana; ducks for cover at Lambert’s Café “Home of the Throwed Rolls” in Alabama; discovers where the bullets are buried in Tombstone Arizona’s Bird Cage theater; is shocked by the products made from endangered animals confiscated by the National Wildlife Repository near Denver; cheers on the daring (and possibly deranged) participants at a Unicycle Football game in San Marcos, Texas.

#302 Host Will Clinger witnesses one of the first Beard and Moustache Competitions where women have their own category (the Whiskerinas); enjoys America’s oldest Mardi Gras celebration in Mobile; takes on a 150 ton tower of debris at the Cathedral of Junk in Austin; then watches the unusual and amusing breed of fainting goats topple over at a farm in Alabama.

#303 Host Will Clinger surveys the cinematic oddities including movie props, costumes and some of the trashiest films ever made at Movie Madness Videos in Portland; checks in to the Dino Hotel in Colorado so he can check out their impressive collection of dinosaur fossils; drops in on Tug Fest, the incredible tug-of-war between two towns on opposite sides of the Mississippi River; discovers some of the surprising array of amenities at the World's Largest Truckstop in Iowa; and sneaks a peek at a California bar’s annual tradition of mooning passing Amtrak trains.

#304 Host Will Clinger watches the competitors hollow out and race gigantic, thousand pound gourds at the annual Pumpkin Regatta on Tualatin Lake, Oregon; tracks down the infamous “Unipiper”, a bagpipe-playing, flame throwing, unicyclist on the streets of Portland; judges a 10-pound sundae eating contest at MacAlpine’s Diner and Soda Fountain in Phoenix; visits a museum dedicated to Action Figures in Oklahoma; and revels in the cheesy art and relentless puns at Solomon’s Castle in the swamps of Florida.

#305 Host Will Clinger enjoys the view from the highest bridge in America—1,000 feet above the Royal Gorge; shivers near the frozen masterpieces created at the U.S. Snow Sculpting Competition in Wisconsin; wanders the halls of the world’s only spear hunting museum in Alabama; and searches for the elusive Yeti with the Bigfoot believers of the Sasquatch Outpost in the mountains of Colorado.

#306 An entire episode devoted to the strangest festival WILD TRAVELS has ever attended: Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, Colorado! The annual festivals honors a deceased Norwegian who resides in a shed on a hill above town under 1,200 pounds of dry ice (long story), and features Team Coffin Races, a Polar Plunge, a Parade of Hearses and a Frozen T-shirt Contest!

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