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No matter what you are going through, you are not alone. Your story matters.

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#501 Hope and Healing-
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Where “Hope and Healing” meet, that’s today’s show. We navigate this topic and discover how both words have impacted our guests and their journeys forward after difficult situations.

LONG DESCRIPTION: Hope and Healing is the common ground here and we navigate those themes by exploring how a community that experienced a mass shooting has come together for support and unity. We also discover how miniature horse therapy is heling promote empathy and overall well being with young patients. Plus meet a non-profit that is committed to helping the homeless community live better, more dignified lives.

#502 Real Life Behind the Scenes
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Today we are going “Behind the Scenes” and taking you with us! We are lifting the curtain to unique stories and giving our viewers a front row seat to it all.

LONG DESCRIPTION: In this episode, we peek “Behind The Scenes” and hear the fascinating stories of deep, real life experiences. From a former Mormon who discovered a life-changing family secret, to a woman who one day decided to add some adventure to her life by helping a prisoner escape in a dog crate... These ladies bravely open up and let us into their world. We also get a rare glimpse into a popular Broadway show, Wicked and speak with the leading ladies who play the main characters.

#503 The Journey
SHORT DESCRIPTION: “The Journey” and all the roads that led us to today. On this show we sit down with guests who share their inspirational stories of connecting life’s major dot points to guide them forward on their path.

LONG DESCRIPTION: Everyone’s “Journey” is different and in this episode, we discover the unique paths of our guests. We learn how one sentimental piece of jewelry brought two grieving strangers together, we check in with the woman who is known to the world as the Napalm girl and learn how she has overcome her internal and external wounds from the Vietnam War. We also learn how an NBA star made his way onto the court and how we can all forge our own journey from a local pastor.

#504 Blended Families
SHORT DESCRIPTION: We meet “Blended Families” on today’s program and discover just how deep these bonds run. Plus, we learn about their special stories that created lasting love and legacy.

LONG DESCRIPTION: In this episode we explore the special and unique bonds of families that may not have been brought together through traditional methods, but the love within them is just the same. We go back in time and hear what it was like in the 90’s growing up with two gay dads. We then learn about embryo adoption and how this revolutionary option is bringing newfound happiness to one local couple and we dive into another adoption story where one family is turning heads and welcoming discussions about their son’s skin color.

#505 Peace, Love and Mental Health
SHORT DESCRIPTION: “Peace, love and Mental Health” take center stage here and we meet with 4 amazing souls and learn about their journey to loving themselves.

LONG DESCRIPTION: On this episode, one guest shares how he was hindered by his appearance yet was able to shift his mindset and come to embrace his unique look. We also hear from mega jeweler Kendra Scott, who opens up about her struggles that shaped her mission today. Plus, we meet a physiologist that offers advice she had to learn first-hand when it comes to mental health.

#506 In This Together
SHORT DESCRIPTION: On today’s show we highlight some incredible people and how they have chosen to lead and show their support by lifting others up. “In this Together” is a topic that reminds you, we’re not alone and better is together!

LONG DESCRIPTION: Today’s topic is In This Together! One young man invites us into his space where he packs up and delivers free, healthy groceries to his community. Plus, a mom opens up her life on social media and shows us all the good and messy side of parenting a special needs daughter in hopes that her reality helps other special needs moms and caregivers. We dive into a love story and hear from a woman about her decision to marry her husband who has terminal cancer and how she hopes that decision inspires others to live life to its fullest.

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