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WTRY 000400H1
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6 / 30
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Lakeshore PBS
Whitney Reynolds Media
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No matter what you are going through, you are not alone. Your story matters.

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#401 A Show On Mission, Goes on a Mission
LONG- A show on a mission is taking you on a physical mission, to COLOMBIA! Whitney is reporting from the country of Colombia & sharing stories of redemption with a former terrorist, refugee women and locals impacted by the current times on the Colombia/Venezuala border. The show also brings it back home & reminds people that the mission can also be done from our own backyard.

SHORT- A show on a mission is taking you on a physical mission to COLOMBIA!

#402 Hidden Grace
LONG- Today's guests excelled by not losing sight of their hidden gem, from parents whose twins were conjoined at the stomach, to a woman starting her own company due to a lost love letter. Overcoming his past, Caleb Pickman suffered a football injury as a kid, which discovered a hidden talent. Actress Jenn Gotzon had her eyes opened to her true beauty, after building her confidence through modeling.

SHORT- Today’s guests found their hidden grace tucked away beneath each of their journeys.

#403 Little Kids, Big Dreams
LONG- Meet kids who are creating a better world. Leading the pack is Symone, who has become one of the fastest girls in Chicago. Switching to the fastest animal, Joris dedicated his youth to saving cheetahs. Looking out for his own, Jahkil’s empathy for those in need have caught the eyes of many. Knocking it out of the park, Cubs Charities helps the youth of Chicago embrace the game of baseball.

SHORT- Meet ambitious kids who are creating a better tomorrow, each with their own goal in mind.

#404 Dads
LONG- Today we are sharing stories from some amazing dads. Each of these dads is making a unique impact on their youth. Greg Long has been a beacon of light for his son, supporting his passion for dance when others were putting him down. Keeping kids informed, we meet a dad who has used TikTok for good, and a father leading the pack to read books to kids across his city.

SHORT- Sharing stories from amazing dads, each making a unique contribution to their youth.

#405 Unspoken Narrative
LONG- Today’s guests are sharing their hidden stories that led to them living their truth. Tuan, a refugee from Vietnam, had to struggle through his youth, to reach his American dream. Katherine Wolf, author and founder of a non-profit, held on to hope after a stroke changed her life. Author Diana Ragsdale, reflects on trauma in her family, and now shares her story in the hopes of helping others.

SHORT- Today’s guests are sharing their hidden stories that led to them living their truth.

#406 Rising Up
LONG- Today’s guests are rising up to take action. From a young woman dealing with the threat of gun violence, to a former paralympian fighting for her life. Also, a man who is turning setbacks into motivation, as well as a shoe designer who got his start in prison. Actress Ally Brooke rises towards her dreams in the film, High Expectations, portraying the message of having control over your destiny.

SHORT: Today’s guests have overcome hardship, sending a message that quitting is not an option.

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