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WTRY 0100H1
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13 / 30
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Lakeshore PBS (WYIN)
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The Whitney Reynolds Show is a topic-based talk show that is dedicated to provoking positive change through real-life delicate issues. Everyone has a story, YOURS MATTERS

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#101 Tackling the topic of SELF IMAGE! On this show, we meet guests who have gone far, because of the candid conversations they've had with themselves.

#102 Meet ladies who are giving back in business, society, and kindness... PLUS they are young! This year our Women Entrepreneurs is featuring it's JR EDITION!

#103 Does social media sometimes occupy your brain's newsfeed? On today's program, we are looking at the impact our online presence could be having on our lives mentally and physically.

#104 This week we are talking first generations of all sorts! From immigrants to college grads we are meeting guests who stepped out of their comfort zone and paved a strong path for people after them.

#105 This week we are looking at the term REINVENTION and how this does not always need to be a drastic shift. We learn from experts that experienced major life shuffles and see how they navigated the hard changes that came their way. Once again we see that our "life calling" is this ever-flowing journey and self-discovery can happen daily.

#106 Watched, taken by knife, sexually assaulted and left in a parking garage by a man on parole for murder. Hear the LIFE STORY, of survivor Angela Rose.

#107 What do horses and healing have in common? EVERYTHING! On this program, we are exploring the hope that horses are bringing to families through their healing power. We are on set at Equestrian Connection and getting a first-hand look at the change equine therapy is bringing to families and Veterans.

#108 We sit down with a man who formerly founded a racist skinhead organization and then got out. That organization, however, went on to commit a horrible hate crime, killing our other guest's father. The two men decided to meet for lunch and their peace journey started there.

#109 Living Your Truth, we are discovering what that means. From a man who was wrongfully convicted and sent to prison, to a woman who changed her whole life around and is now helping others. We are discussing how the truth sets all our guests free.

#110 We are talking grit, grace and everything in between. We meet a teenage scientist that helps get one step closer to a cancer cure. We also sit down with artists and a beauty queen who are all climbing the ladder and sharing their gritty tips!

#111 Near-Death Experiences and the people who have lived to tell what they encountered during the in-between.

#112 Power Couples who have survived a tough situation and discovered, they are better together.

#113 A mother who didn't like what happened in her path is opening up about the laws and literature she's produced to help others after her not face a similar journey. We also have animal lovers, movie producers, and more weighing in on this topic

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