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TPAW 003100H1
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26 / 30
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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
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Experiencing the nature of The Lone Star State

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3101…October 9-15, 2022
3101-R…April 9-15, 2023
First show of the 38th season, John Bunker Sands Wetlands, exploring Lake Somerville.

3102…October 16-22, 2022
3102-R…April 16-22, 2023
White bass fishing, restoring grassland on the High Plains, Big Spring State Park.

3103…October 23-29, 2022
3103-R…April 23-29, 2023
Feral pig hunt and cookoff, restoring a Permian Basin ranch, Kickapoo Cavern State Park.

3104…October 30-November 5, 2022
3104-R…April 30-May 6, 2023
A home for native bees, coastal prairie ranch restores habitat, Fort Boggy State Park.

3105…November 6-12, 2022
3105-R…May 7-13, 2023
Saving our sharks, Indian Springs history and stewardship, crazy ants invade.

3106…November 13-19, 2022
3106-R…May 14-20, 2023
Saving seeds to propagate plants, above and below the Wuest Ranch, Huntsville State Park.

3107…November 20-26, 2022
3107-R…May 21-27, 2023
Bird island keepers, tallgrass prairie restoration, exploring San Angelo State Park.

3108…November 27-December 3, 2022
3108-R…May 28-June 3, 2023
Hiking a hundred miles just for fun, preserving Cross Timbers habitat on the Wagley Ranch.

3109…December 4-10, 2022
3109-R…June 4-10, 2023
Retriever dogs on trial, the lure of fishing in the neighborhood, Longhorn Cavern.

3110…December 11-17, 2022
3110-R…June 11-17, 2023
Surveying red-crowned parrots, pier fishing at Goose Island, mule deer of the plains.

3111…December 18-24, 2022
3111-R…June 18-24, 2023
Motorcycle tour across Texas, Fort Parker State Park, Rio Grande Valley dove hunt.

3112… December 25-31, 2022
3112-R…June 25-July 1, 2023
Studying endangered whooping cranes, Cleburne State Park, appreciating butterflies.

3113…January 1-7, 2023
3113-R…July 2-8, 2023
Crab trap cleanup, why Bastrop is big with birds, bobcats at home in the city.

3114…January 8-14, 2023
3114-R…July 9-15, 2023
Saving black skimmers, paddling Goliad, surveying anglers, the foodie hunter.

3115… January 15-21, 2023
3115-R…July 16-22, 2023
Fishing the jetties, shrimp science, packing a saltwater tacklebox, a camera that rolls.

3116…January 22-28, 2023
3116-R…July 23-29, 2023
Famous trees of Texas State Parks, Caddo Lake, going from campus to camper.

3117…January 29-February 4, 2023
3117-R…July 30-August 5, 2023
In search of blue suckers, Galveston Island State Park, saving green sea turtles.

3118…February 5-11, 2023
3118-R…August 6-12, 2023
A walk across Texas, South Llano River State Park, hanging ten in Corpus Christi.

3119…February 12-18, 2023
3119-R…August 13-19, 2023
Retired tires in a natural playscape, Buescher State Park, outdoors at a distance.

3120…February 19-25, 2023
3120-R…August 20-26, 2023
History of state parks, fishing Hall of Famer, lakeside at Lake Casa Blanca.

3121…February 26-March 4, 2023
3121-R…August 27-September 2, 2023
Making a natural connection, Goose Island State Park, safeguarding aquatic habitat.

3122…March 5-11, 2023
3122-R…September 3-9, 2023
Archery as a school sport, yoga hike, saving coastal fish and oysters for the future.

3123…March 12-18, 2023
3123-R…September 10-16, 2023
Birding Classic birders, accessible fishing for all, Caprock Canyon prairie dogs.

3124…March 19-25, 2023
3124-R…September 17-23, 2023
Lights out for the birds, Lake Mineral Wells State Park and Trailway, dark sky photos.

3125…March 26-April 1, 2023
3125-R…September 24-30, 2023
Artists capturing the beauty of state parks, A man keeping wildlife areas wild.

3126…April 2-8, 2023
3126-R…October 1-7, 2023
A weekend of outdoor fun at Ray Roberts Lake State Park near Dallas and Fort Worth.

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