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SPSQ 0900 H1
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Pell Center for International Relations & Public Policy
Rhode Island PBS
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Exploring the power of storytelling in public life.

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#901 Joseph Ewoodzie, Jr.
Food is central to the daily existence of Americans, whether we are growing it; shopping for it; preparing it; consuming it; or even just hungry for it. Joseph Ewoodzie, Jr. of Davidson College argues that for many, food intersects with race and class to help form our identity as individuals.
Available: July 4, 2022

#902 Vidya Krishnan
Infectious diseases have shaped the course of human history. Health-journalist Vidya Krishnan gives our struggle with coronavirus pandemic context as she explores the anti-science rhetoric and politics behind the fight for a Tuberculosis cure in her book, “The Phantom Plague.”
Available: July 11, 2022

#903 Dave Iverson
Caring for an aging loved one can be an uncertain journey. Writer, filmmaker and retired broadcast journalist Dave Iverson shares his moving account of his 10 years spent caring for his 95-year-old mother with dementia while living with Parkinson's disease himself.
Available: July 18, 2022

#904 Jonathan Haidt
Something is broken in America. The nation with a motto of “from many, one,” seems to be devolving into “many, from one.” New York University Social Psychologist Jonathan Haidt traces the problem back to the rise of social media.
Available: July 25, 2022

#905 Dr. Elena Conis
Americans are educated to believe science can explain the physical world, but UC Berkeley journalism professor and historian Dr. Elena Conis offers a more complex view of the role of science in public life—and the stories and understanding it offers all of us as we grapple with everything from pesticides to vaccines and climate change.
Available: August 1, 2022

#906 Winnie M Li
Author and activist Winnie M Li discusses her books, including her latest “Complicit,” a timely thriller that examines the power dynamics within the film industry, as well as the tension between privilege and justice.
Available: August 8, 2022

#907 Dr. Michael Fine
As the war in Ukraine continues to unfold, public health expert Michael Fine, M.D., warns of lasting public health challenges facing Russia’s neighbor, and the enduring impacts the war may have on its people.
Available: August 15, 2022

#908 Dr. Maria Raven
University of California San Francisco Chief of Emergency Medicine Dr. Maria Raven shares her research on the impacts of homelessness on human health.
Available: August 22, 2022

#909 Cannupa Hanska Luger
Native American artist Cannupa Hanska Luger brings ground-breaking perspective to his multidisciplinary art as he contextualizes the Indigenous experience in the 21st century.
Available: August 29, 2022

#910 Linda Villarosa
In her new book, "Under the Skin," Linda Villarosa lays bare the forces in the American health-care system and in American society that cause Black people to “live sicker and die quicker” compared to their white counterparts.
Available: September 5, 2022

#911 Javed Ali
For most of the last 20 years, the conversation about American national security has been focused on the threats posed by extremists. With the death of al Qaeda Leader Ayman al Zwahiri, Russia's war in Ukraine, and rising tensions with China, that conversation may be swinging back to great-power competition. National security analyst Javed Ali of the University of Michigan joins us.
Available: September 12, 2022

#912: Ade Osinubi
Modern advances in fertility treatment are a medical marvel. But Ade Osinubi, a physician and documentary filmmaker, notes the inequality that pervades maternal health in the United States, where black women made up 30% of maternal deaths in the first year of the pandemic.
Available: September 19, 2022

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