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The creative process behind your favorite movies and television programs.

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#1301 Stephen Merchant: A Conversation
This week on On Story, comedy-writer extraordinaire Stephen Merchant discusses co-creating the BBC’s original series, The Office, his work on Hello Ladies, and his new series The Outlaws, while speaking to crafting relatable characters and how he found comedy inspiration from drama.

#1302 On Writing Ghosts with Joe Wiseman
This week on On Story, producer and showrunner Joe Wiseman discusses his work behind the American adaptation of the BBC’s hit comedy series, Ghosts. Wiseman deep-dives into the art of adaptation, finding the perfect cast, and the process of recreating the story for an American audience.

#1303 Nikyatu Jusu: A Conversation
This week on On Story, emerging writer-director and recipient of AFF’s 2022 New Voice award, Nikyatu Jusu discusses her early short films as well as the process behind creating her debut feature, horror-thriller, Nanny. Jusu expands on both the career and creative steps that lead to her film’s breakout success.

#1304 On Writing Action: Ambulance with Chris Fedak
This week on On Story, we hear from action writer Chris Fedak. Blockbuster action sequences are a fantastic spectacle to behold. However, when all hell is breaking loose on screen, what does that look like on the page? The writer of Michael Bay’s 2022 film Ambulance, Chris Fedak, joins us to use the film as a case study to discuss writing compelling action that pushes the story forward.

#1305 James Grey: A Conversation
This week on On Story, writer-director James Gray discusses the evolution of his creative process and career starting from his first feature film Little Odessa to his newest film, Armageddon Time, inspired by his childhood. Gray expands on how he translated his personal experience into a story with broad audience appeal.

#1306 On Writing Dark Winds with Graham Roland
Creator and showrunner Graham Roland joins us for a conversation on his newest series, AMC’s Dark Winds. Based on a novel series by Tony Hillerman and already renewed for a second season, the show follows two Navajo police officers in the 1970s as they investigate a string of crimes. Roland will discuss the development process and the importance of creating the show through a Native American lens.

#1307 A Conversation with Dede Gardner
Dede Gardner, producer and president of Plan B Entertainment, is AFF’s 2022 recipient of the Polly Platt Award for Producing. The two-time Oscar winner, behind films like 12 Years a Slave, Moonlight, and Sarah Polley’s new film Women Talking, joins us to discuss her extraordinary achievements and success as one of Hollywood’s most lauded and in-demand producers.

#1308 Re-living Palm Springs with Andy Siara
Writer Andy Siara’s breakout science fiction romantic comedy Palm Springs is an irreverent tale of two lovers trapped inside a mysterious time warp. Join Siara for a breakdown of the story’s time-bending structure.

#1309 On Writing: Never Have I Ever with Lang Fisher
Lang Fisher has an impressive history of writing and producing hilarious, smart television, and her work as co-creator and showrunner of Never Have I Ever is no exception. Gather around to learn about the process and stories behind this fresh, coming-of-age comedy that balances diverse representation, witty dialogue, and relatable themes for teens and adults alike.

#1310 A Conversation with Edward Neumeier
Sci-fi enthusiasts should show up for this mind-bending conversation with Edward Neumeier, the writer behind RoboCop and Starship Troopers. Neumeier will discuss his classic films, writing science fiction, and his knack for disguising deep issues within palatable media.

#1311 From Fact to Fiction: Turning a True Story into a Series with Liz Hannah & Michael Starrbury
The demand for entertainment based on true stories has skyrocketed in recent years and is now one of the most popular genres in the television industry. Join this group of TV writers and producers who have found their niche in true-story storytelling. They’ll share advice on the delicate process of adapting a real-life story into scripted TV.

#1312 A Conversation with Rob Thomas
This week on, On Story, we look inside the process of producing and writing for TV as Rob Thomas shares advice and methods for working on shows like Veronica Mars and Party Down.

#1313 Sci-Fi Storytelling with Marc Bernardin & Beau DeMayo
Writers of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Picard gather to discuss science fiction writing, world-building, and their passionate endeavor to bring new ideas into the classic 57-year-old franchise.

#1314 A Conversation with Sarah Polley
Join Oscar-nominated filmmaker Sarah Polley and author to discuss her storytelling career and her new film Women Talking, screening Saturday night at the Festival.

#1315 A Conversation with Darren Aronofsky
Join us for a Conversation with this year's Extraordinary Contribution to Film Award Recipient, the Academy Award® nominated director Darren Aronofsky. Don't miss this discussion with Aronofsky as he reveals details about his unique approach to storytelling, and his journey through cinema. This panel will walk you through the director's path: from his 1998 debut, Pi, to AFF's 2022 Opening Night Film, The Whale.

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