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STRS 0100 H1
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10 / 30
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Alabama Public Television
Concrete Dream Inc
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A unique brand of eco-magic

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#101 Messy Babies and Pollinators / Your Digital Footprint
In this episode, Steve Trash shares the remarkable (and true) notion that bees, butterflies, and other pollinators are like messy babies. Then, learn how everything you do online is creating a digital footprint that can be tracked right back to you.

#102 The Dirty Truth About Soil / The Super Collaborators
Soil is not dirt, it’s so much much more. In this episode Steve illustrates the value and importance of soil to all living things on Earth, then helps shine a light on digital collaboration, a great way to work digitally with your friends to solve problems.

#103 Sun Sun Sunshine / Earth Is Wicked Awesome
The sun is huge. It’s big. It’s bigly big. In this episode Steve shows how truly big it is and he takes a trip out into our galaxy to get a glimpse of our magical home, planet Earth.

#104 Who Let the Cows Out/Day-Tuh Vs Dat-Uh
Water pollution is never good. It’s even worse when your neighborhood cow is making it. Steve discusses the many ways that farmers and ranchers work to keep streams and ponds free of pollution. Then Steve delves into the age-old conflict of the proper pronunciation for word data (Day-Tuh or Dat-Uh).

#105 Biomes / Reduce Reuse Recycle
Biomes are amazing. Steve shares the many varieties of biomes that exist on the planet Earth, then teaches us how to make less waste and pollution through the magic words – Reduce Reuse Recycle.

#106 The Water Cycle / Oh Yuck Pollution
The same water that exists now has always existed. In this episode, Steve shares how water is continually being recycled by the water cycle and then sets his sights on ways to prevent litter and other destructive types of pollution.

#107 Ecosystems Gimme Shelter / Paper Rock Scissors
Ecosystems are not only the places where we living things live, but also the connections between the living things in those places. Steve explores this cool idea and then tries to figure out the logical steps needed to get a computer program to play the game rock paper scissors with him.

#108 Wonderful Wildlife / Robots Rock
Steve is always excited about wildlife, but what exactly is it? Steve shares all sorts of magical ideas about wildlife and the wild critters, then he launches into exploring the whacky world of robotics.

#109 Plants / Wicked Waves Of Sound
Plants are the most prolific living creatures on Earth, and Steve dives deep into an exploration of what makes a plant… a plant. Then he makes some serious waves - sound waves that is.

#110 Birds are Amazing / Renewable Vs Nonrenewable
In this episode Steve shares his knowledge about some of the coolest creatures on the planet: birds! Then he shares one of his favorite ideas to think about: what makes a resource renewable or not renewable.

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