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STUP 001200 H1
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13 / 30
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Start Up Television LLC
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Realizing the dream of running your own business.

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#1201 Ampersand - Fort Worth, Texas
A coffee house by day and lounge by night, Ampersand is taking the Dallas/Fort Worth area by storm with a fresh and youthful approach to hospitality. Beating Starbucks for a spot at the DFW airport, Toan and the team at Ampersand are making big waves and they’re just getting started.

#1202 Desert Creek Honey - Blue Ridge, Texas
Developing a passion for bees at the age of 12 when he won a beehive in a contest, Blake’s interest in apiculture only increased into adulthood, driving him to start Desert Creek Honey, a company that sells raw, unfiltered honey and all things beekeeping to support a new generation of beekeepers.

#1203 Just Elope - Dallas, Texas
Wearing a Walmart dress purchased on the way to city hall wasn't the wedding Jennifer ever dreamed of, but it was all the motivation that she needed to start Just Elope, a business that specializes in micro weddings for people who want a beautiful wedding on a smaller scale.

#1204 Magdalena’s Catering and Events - Fort Worth, Texas
Husband and wife team, Paige and Juan met while working at a popular restaurant before creating Magdalena’s Catering and Events, which has become one of Fort Worth’s premier catering companies with a food truck, a permanent supper club, and a Spanish tapas restaurant.

#1205 Blade Craft Barber Academy - Dallas, Texas
Challenging the perception of what a barber should look like, Lilly is training a new generation of barbers with her groundbreaking business, Blade Craft Barber Academy in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas, Texas.

#1206 J.C Scott - Dallas, Texas
When his future mentor walked out on stage in a perfectly crafted custom suit, everything changed for Jacob, founder of J.C Scott Custom Clothing. After years of hustling and even living out of his car, Jacob is now living his dream of becoming a custom clothing designer, manufacturer and stylist.

#1207 Veterans Moving America - Fort Worth, Texas
A mission-based company, Veterans Moving America only employs US military veterans. When Zach saw that Vets were facing significant challenges with sustained, long-term employment, he decided to take matters into his own hands with this remarkable company.

#1208 Mansfield Funeral Home and Cremations - Mansfield, Texas
Driven by compassion, empathy and professionalism, Mansfield Funeral Home and Cremations is setting a new standard in the funeral home industry with founder Kristy setting countless first in her field.

#1209 Simpleaf - Dallas, Texas
Founded on the idea of fostering a community dedicated to social inequities and sustainability, Nigerian immigrant, Femi founded Simpleaf Brands, a company that offers eco-friendly, biodegradable flushable wipes for sensitive skin.

#1210 Revitalize Charging Solutions - Fort Worth, Texas
Driven by the desire to make charging your electric vehicle more convenient and affordable, Edward took matters into his own hands when he started Revitalize Charging Solutions, a company that offers EV charging stations for both residential and commercial use.

#1211 The Blok Climbing Co. - Fort Worth, Texas
Developing a passion for climbing during the pandemic, Skyler decided to turn his hobby into a family business with The Blok Climbing Co. Relocating his family from California to Texas, The Blok is quickly becoming the premier destination for bouldering in northern Texas.

#1212 BWI Contractors - Dallas, Texas
After her first successful flip when she was in her early 20’s, Stacie has been on a mission to bring affordable housing to the market while mentoring others to do the same. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, Stacie epitomizes resilience with her company BWI Contractors.

#1213 Herbal Goodness - McKinney, Texas
Feeling unfulfilled in her high-level corporate job, Unoma decided to pursue a path that provided more meaning and purpose in her life by creating Herbal Goodness, a superfood company that supports women and girls in need.

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