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SPCK 0100 H1
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10 / 30
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A fun, no-holds-barred cooking show

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#101 808s & License Plates
Throwing legendary tailgates are our specialty, and we give the viewers all the tips and tricks to make any concert a day to remember, no matter how good the show is.

#102 Throwback Throwdown
We bring back some great memories, reminisce and make stuff popular in the 90’s, hitting the nostalgia craze hard, a decade popular among Gen’s X, Y and Z.

#103 Boss Bitch Brunch
We love empowering women and helping shatter the gender pay gap, so we celebrate on of our own and her promotion with a brunch for the ages.

#104 100 Proof People
A big trend these days are bourbon clubs, and we bring the one we’re a part of front and center, education the viewers on what makes bourbon special, and how to use it.

#105 Top of the World
Sometimes, an intimate picnic is just what you need to connect with those you love, and we give the viewers a guide that works, come rain or shine.

#106 Driving You Crazy
Our squad takes a field trip to a classic Drive-in theatre and shows viewers how they can throw a great party and make some great stories while taking in a flick.

#107 Binge Eating
A great way to bring your family together is to bond of binge watching your favorite shows, so we get all the snacks together, and tell some stories about the best TV of all time.

#108 The Executive Game
The audience will want to double down on having friends and family over for cards as we share great tips on how to serve just the right food and go all in on a great time together.

#109 Tearing Up a Lake
All you need to have a great day on a boat, lake or river is some good food and the right people, and we share all the things needed to make a memorable day (including sunscreen).

#110 To the Nines
You don’t need any real reason to dress up, but we show you how it can be so much fun to have a dress up party with your friends, and feel fantastic, like you should.

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3/18/2024 - 3/17/2027
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1 year
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