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SDTP 000400 H1
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14 / 30
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Texas Tech Public Media
Texas Tech Public Media
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Up-and-coming artists from the Southwest

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#401 Flamel
An experimental rock band from the border of Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, TX. Named after Nicolas Flamel, the famous alchemist, the band that adopts his surname as their banner, and leans into his yearning for experimentation.

#402 Ranky Tanky
This Grammy Award winning, Charleston, SC-based quintet, performs timeless music born from the Gullah culture of the southeastern Sea Islands. Their debut album was featured on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross and the TODAY show. It also soared to the #1 position on the Billboard, Amazon, and iTunes Jazz Charts. Playful game songs, ecstatic shouts, and heartbreaking spirituals can all be found on their latest release Good Time, which also offers the groups first original songs inspired by Gullah tradition.

#403 Sierra Blanca
This Texas-born, Tennessee-based folk/soul artist hopes to calm your soul with his music.

#404 Lunatic
Lúnatic is a pop(ish) music band formed in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, in 2012. The two piece is currently working together over a great distance, with half of the group based out of New York and the other Mexico. Their lived experiences inspire their music and sounds.

#405 Sal and The Stonewall Hippies
With deep roots styled and sharpened in the hallows of the West Texas haunt of The Blue Light, Sal and the Stonewall Hippies are gaining traction with each and every performance. Stylistically falling somewhere between flatlanders and troubadour’s - imparting strife and life’s darker side, Sal and company drive to tug on the heartstrings of any lovers of thematic storylines and fan of tight pockets. Bluesy undertones and hints of grit and growth always shine brightly with each note of progress and reflection.

#406 Catamaran
Catamaran makes rhythmically enrapturing indie surf rock, using tremolo-ed guitars and syrupy melodies to craft songs that are as catchy as they are interesting. Catamaran quickly launched into the spotlight in the Dallas-Fort Worth area after making their radio debut on the 102.1 KDGE Local Show. The band was nominated for a 2013 Dallas Observer Music Award for Best Pop Act and is currently in rotation on DFW's popular independent radio station, 91.7 KXT.

#407 Honey Bunny
San Antonio’s Honey Bunny is an alternative rock band formed in 2019. The group looks to push the boundaries of indie rock and having a good time.

#408 Glass Townes
Glass Townes is a versatile indie pop band based in El Paso, Texas. Heavily influenced by a number of genres, they aim to create original music with diversity that enables the listener to see the world in a different light.

#409 Scabaret
Scabaret (aka Three Bad Mamas and a Microphone) is a tour-de-force of blended styles, combining classical and swing technique with down and dirty rock sensibilities. Add generous splashes of tango, disco, R&B, cabaret, and country, and you have an intriguing amalgamation served up with humor, wit and style.

#410 Dillon Cassidy and The Rhythm
Standing at the front of the stage and curating the show that he and The Rhythm have come to be known for, Dillon Cassidy has a love and drive for the music scene that is unrivaled.

#411 Moon Tokki
Tokki: Korean word for Rabbit. Moon: English name for Earth's main natural satellite. Moon Tokki: Name for a band from Earth.

#412 Tribes
Tribes is a rock & roll mariachi band from El Paso, Texas, founded by multi-instrumentalist Mike Hernandez (the Royalty, Mariachi El Bronx). This 11-piece ensemble uses traditional mariachi instrumentation driven by a full drum kit. While their songwriting draws deeply from the historic Mexican folk tradition, their energy, volume, and power come out of the indie rock scene, and the group are influenced by some of its larger ensembles including Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene. Their bilingual debut single, 2018's "Night Future," showcased a fusion of mariachi harmony, storytelling, and instrumentation alongside swinging drums and rock & roll dynamics.

#413 Special Edition
Special Edition is Armando Portillo Jr. and C. David Howell. Mando and David met as teenagers playing in local bands in the El Paso Texas area. The old friends have been writing new songs with influences of Indie, Punk and New Wave. The lyrics are often inspired by some of the boys favorite horror films and books.

#414 Tori Vasquez
Tori Vasquez is an amazingly gifted singer-songwriter from Texas. Now based in Austin, she was born in Shallowater, Texas and raised in a family of musicians and songwriters. At the age of 21 she has already found her voice and is writing songs that are inspiring a younger generation to discover the power and beauty of storytelling in music. Her voice fills any room she performs in, capturing the full attention of any music fan.

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