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SDTP 0300H1
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20 / 30
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Texas Tech Public Media
Texas Tech Public Media
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A music performance series focusing on up and coming artist from the southwest. Note: The 100 and 200 seasons of SOUND ON TAP will be made available following the release of the 300 season

#301 Claire Morales
Claire Morales began performing when she was 13 years old, playing acoustic gigs at local coffee shops in North Texas. After singing in other acts throughout her teen years, she went on to form her own band in 2014, moving from acoustic to electric guitar and bringing in rock band instrumentation.

#302 Gila Monster
Gila Monster is a rock n' roll band from El Paso, Texas best described as classic rock in a punk garage. The band gives Americana storytelling a 1960's garage-rock treatment of swaggering guitar hooks and jangling rhythms.

#303 Gunner Fore & The Interstate
Gunner Fore & The Interstate is a 6-piece Indie Americana band from Lubbock TX.

#304 Indego
Progressive rock band, Indego, pushes their limits as they constantly try and reinvent themselves.

#305 Edgar Derby
Edgar Derby is based in Denton, TX. His music stems from introspection and exploration in the vein of Shakey Graves, Bob Dylan, and Lou Barlow.

#306 Le Voyage
El Paso’s Le Voyage is bringing Funk back and they’re taking you along for the ride.

#307 Jeremy Couture
Lubbock, Texas singer/songwriter Jeremy Couture, blends Americana and POP music to make a sound that is all his own.

#308 The Iveys
The Iveys have been touching the hearts of listeners for years with sincere sounds and captivating lyrics. A wild group of siblings born and raised on the Western tip of Texas on the farmlands of the Rio Grande, The Iveys have a history that is as interesting as their sound: experimenting with harmonies while wandering the dirt roads of the El Paso lower valley, the Ivey siblings have been making music together since childhood.

#309 Cotinga
Cotinga is an up and coming Electro/R&B group from Fort Worth, TX.

#310 Tony Ferraro
Tony Ferraro describes his music as experimental, high quality, lo-fi, sloppy hi-fi, garage, soul, loud, soft... it's a little bit of everything.

#311 Tale of Giants
Tale of Giants attempts to tell honest and human stories in his own blend of indie folk rock.

#312 Brandon Word
Singer/songwriter Brandon Word keeps it honest with his heartfelt lyrics and powerful voice.

#313 Mariachi Mexico Lindo
Lubbock's Mariachi Mexico Lindo can help make your dreams come true with their traditional mariachi sound.

#314 Wamaygallo
Mixing Cumbia and Punk El Paso's Wamaygallo truly have a sound of their own.

#315 Caleb Jude Green
Indie Folk music with a dash of Motown and Funk. That’s how Caleb Jude Green describes his sound.

#316 Coco Butter
Psychedelic disco duo features Benny Coco and Jay Butter, bringing you nostalgic sounds of the late 70s with a touch of modern psychedelia.

#317 Scabaret
Combining classical and swing technique with down and dirty rock sensibilities, tango, disco, R&B, cabaret, and country, Scabaret is "Three Bad Mommas and a Microphone."

#318 CHUii
CHUii is a Spanish language artist out of El Paso, Texas mixing electric music with a traditional Mexican sound.

#319 Jenni Dale Lord
Jenni Dale Lord's sound is like Donny & Marie rolled into one - a little bit country & a little bit rock & roll.

#320 Radio La Chusma
Radio La Chusma is a unique Latin band from El Paso that is famous for its cultural singularity and catchy rhythmical style of music.

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