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SHLT 0200 H1
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9 / 30
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Steven Latham Productions
PBS Wisconsin
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Uplifting stories about shelter pets and their new homes.

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#201 Street Vet
Homelessness is an issue of increasing challenge in cities and communities across the country. It is estimated that 20% of people experiencing homelessness have pets. In this episode, we follow renowned veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart as he brings his expertise and compassion to the streets, taking care of these pets and learning the benefits they provide to their unhoused owners.

#202 Funny Bone
A unique and inspiring episode focusing on a New York City comedy troupe that brings a community of people and dogs together. Twice a month in Greenwich Village, this group of aspiring artists perform animal-themed comedy to a sold-out audience of people enjoying a very unique evening out with their dogs!! In addition to celebrating a shared love of animals, these shows build community and raises money for shelters and rescues.

#203 Dog Mountain
Losing a beloved animal is a hurt all pet owners have in common, yet often grieve in private or alone. While there is no handbook for pet bereavement, nowhere in America is there a place like Dog Mountain where that special bond can be celebrated and healing is shared in a community of pet owners. Set on 150 idyllic acres in Vermont, this episode takes viewers to a dog paradise, showing the joy pets, both past and present, bring to our lives. At center is a special chapel filled floor to ceiling with photos and messages for pets that have passed. For over 20 years, visitors have travelled from around the world to this special place to acknowledge the feeling of loss for a beloved pet, while enjoying a dog heaven of trails, ponds, open fields and year round events to share with their current canine family members. This program follows visitors on an inspiring pilgrimage of discovery, joy, closure, community, healing and love.

#204 It's Raining Cats
With an estimated 50 to 70 million feral cats living in the United States, overpopulation and unchecked fertility has reached epidemic proportions. Left ignored, that number is expected to quickly reach 100 million. In Los Angeles alone, there are more than 3 million homeless cats on the streets. This episode goes inside a nondescript building in the San Fernando Valley in California where a team of highly-specialized veterinarians are pushing back, doing the most spay-neuters of feral cats anywhere in the country. Relying on a dedicated volunteer army of cat trappers spreading out across the city’s back alleys, warehouses and industrial landscapes, this story highlights the unsung heroes that are trying to do something positive about this little-known crisis.

#205 Good Deeds
Hosted by Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress Kristin Chenoweth, this heartwarming episode showcases an uplifting event celebrating National Volunteer Week where people across the country went to their local animal shelters to do a day of service. More than 30 shelters from coast-to-coast participated. Part of the activities included reading Kristin's new book - "What Will I Do With My Love Today?" - to the pets. Her book is autobiographical. She was adopted and also adopted her dog. The book is about kindness and finding purpose and shows people coming together to improve their community.

#206 Helping Hands
This episode features a model story about community groups coming together to provide opportunities to underserved people. We feature a pet grooming school that gives scholarships to men and women that have faced life challenges: formerly incarcerated, substance abuse and homelessness, to name a few. The story follows several students as they get to attend this school for free, learn an in-demand trade and are guaranteed a job upon graduation. The classes are taught using dogs from local animal shelters, giving them a fresh look and improved chance for adoption. People helping people helping animals. Kindness + opportunity = changed lives.

#207 To Sniff & Protect
We follow a police department in New Jersey that wanted a scent detection dog, but only from an animal shelter. Meet Officer Thomson and Tex, a lovable Bloodhound who specializes in human tracking. Always on the move, this duo does impressive training exercises and goes to schools to demonstrate Tex's incredible canine skills, to the delight of the children.

#208 Love Songs
Hosted by Emmy and Grammy Award-winning artist Paula Abdul, this episode documents the largest one-day pet photography and adoption event ever held in the country! More than 200 professional and amateur volunteer photographers spread out over 7 Los Angeles County animal shelters taking photos of 1,500 homeless pets in a single day. In addition, we take viewers on tour with Multi-Platinum recording artist MAX as he travels the country. Between gigs, Shelter Me follows him visiting local animal shelters during the day, giving free concerts to introduce his fans to the need and work being done for their community’s homeless pets.

#209 For The Love of Dog
There are two moving and impactful stories in this episode. "K9 for a Day" features a Green Bay police officer who loves dogs so much that he stops by his local animal shelter in the morning and takes dogs on ride-alongs to meet people and help them get adopted. "Oldies but Goodies" is a story about older dogs who are often overlooked at shelters. We filmed a heartwarming story about the largest senior-only dog adoption event. There may be silver in their fur, but there's gold in their hearts.

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