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SETB 0100H1
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13 / 30
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Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB)
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#101 Career Code Switching
Hosts Denene Millner, Monica Pearson, and Christine White are joined by Georgia State Sociologist, Katie Acosta to discuss how women of color navigate the workplace. From microaggressions and stereotypes to code switching, we break down the nuances of what it means to be a black woman at work.

#102 The N-Word
The N-Word packs a huge punch. Historically, it was a derogatory term used against the African American race. But many black people now use it as a term of endearment, just look at Hip Hop culture. Is the current use of this controversial word blurring the lines?

#103 Stay Woke
We’re sounding the alarm to WAKE YOU UP! On this episode of A Seat at the Table, we discuss what it really means to be WOKE, and why it’s important to move beyond awareness to action. Morehouse Sociologist, Dr. Adria Welcher takes a seat at the table to explore how being “colorblind” is actually counterproductive. We can’t address racism by pretending it doesn’t exist.

#104 The Skin I'm In
Colorism is a huge problem in the black community, with roots all the way back to slavery. But now it is time for people of color to look past skin tones and truly start accepting and loving the skin we are in.

#105 Is Race a Social Construct?
Mitochondrial Eve is the mother of all humankind. And DNA traces her back to Africa. So if we all come from the same place, where did the idea of race come from and why is it so important in today’s society? The hosts also reveal the results of their ancestral DNA tests. Tune in for the joys, surprises, and upsets as the ladies find out what their DNA says about their family origins.

#106 Bougie, Ghetto and Ratchet? Stereotypes of Black Women
Black women are often labeled with various stereotypes. Sometimes it may be, bougie, ghetto or ratchet. What’s wrong with being particular, having a strong passion for a subject or being outspoken. The ladies will explain the labels placed on them. Dr. Yaba Blay, producer of the web series, “Professional Black Girl”, joins the table to talk about how black women can turn stereotypes on its head.

#107 Black Mothers and Why They're Awesome
On this episode of A Seat At The Table, the ladies will discuss their experiences of being a black mother, along with the stigmas that come with it. African-American mothers must take a different approach to raising their children in a society that will always view them as less than, because they are black discusses how actual black mothers feel and raise their children.

#108 Black Christianity and Spirituality
Nearly eighty percent of African Americans identify as Christian. Dr. Nichole Philips, Associate Professor of Sociology, Religion, and Culture helps explain how African Americans adopted Christianity and made it their own while being enslaved. She also discusses why the younger generations are embracing other spiritual practices and indigenous religions of their ancestors.

#109 Are You Down with the Swirl?
Less than 50 years ago in the United States, it was illegal for blacks and whites to marry. Since 1967, interracial marriages have increased 17 percent. The ladies share their personal experiences and perspectives on dating outside their race. Chelsea Tafoya joins the table to share her daily realities of being in a mixed-race relationship.

#110 When Asked About Race, What Box Do You Check?
Eight years ago, the U.S. census recorded about nine million people who self-identified as multi-racial. In this episode, find out what the "One Drop" rule means for African- Americans and, you'll meet Richard Lankford, the son of a black man and white women born in a time when such marriages were illegal. He will tell us how he identifies himself.

#111 Black Maternal Mortality
Black women are three to four times more likely to die in childbirth, pushing the issue of Maternal Mortality as the topic of our next conversation. On this episode of ASATT we talk to widower Charles Johnson as he shares his heartfelt story in losing his wife, along with Linda Blount of Black Women’s Health Imperative.

#112 Crowns, Crowns, Crowns
Just as a Queen’s crown is the symbol of her authority, hair for many women is a sign of splendor and glory. On this episode of ASATT the ladies discuss the multiple ways women adorn their crowns. From “Church Lady” hats, to natural locks and headwraps we are talking about our CROWNS!

#113 Black Feminism…Is that a Real Thing?
The hosts shed light on this topic and examine the different layers of feminism. Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall of Spelman College pulls up her seat to provide an in-depth understanding of black feminism. Our guest is also a feminist scholar, writer, professor, and founder of Women’s Research and Resource Center at Spelman College.

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