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ROADTRIP NATION: Empowered State

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RNES 0100 H1
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4 / 30
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Roadtrip Nation
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Clean energy giving people the power to change the world.

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#101 Power for Good
Long Description
Meet the “Empowered State” roadtrippers: David, Leila, and Julia—three New Yorkers interested in finding their place in the clean energy revolution; then follow along as they explore hydroelectric power’s potential at Niagara Falls and visit Ithaca, one of New York's greenest cities.

Short Description
Meet the roadtrippers, explore Niagara Falls, and visit one of New York's greenest cities.

#102 Under the Ground and Through the Air
Long Description
Air travel currently emits over one billion tons of carbon dioxide each year—but a cleaner choice is coming. In this episode, the roadtrippers climb inside the next generation of electric planes to imagine how battery-powered flight could help save our climate. Plus, they learn how to harness the Earth's natural power through geothermal energy, and see how sustainable skyscrapers take shape.

Short Description
Climb inside an electric plane and learn how geothermal energy uses Earth’s natural power.

#103 A More Equitable Revolution
Long Description
How can we make sure the clean energy revolution creates a better future for all—without leaving anyone behind? In this episode, the roadtrippers talk to policymakers and activists about the human side of the switch to renewable energy—including a visit to a sustainable community farm and a sitdown with environmental attorney Elizabeth Yeampierre.

Short Description
The team talks to policymakers and activists about environmental and energy justice.

#104 We Power New York
Long Description
As the road trip comes to an end, interviews with clean energy executives and entrepreneurs help the roadtrippers feel empowered to personally take on one of our planet’s biggest, most urgent challenges—and find career fulfillment along their paths.

Short Description
As the trip ends, clean energy entrepreneurs help the roadtrippers grasp their own power.

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