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QUAR 3000H1
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Make room for contemporary quilting every day!

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#3001 Innovate!
Today’s guests demonstrate their expertise while using innovative materials and creating incredible quilted artwork. Kestrel Michaud shows how she stiffens appliqué fabrics before cutting and stitching to achieve award-winning results. Diana S. Fox creates 3-dimensional floral elements for her quilts using innovative textiles that are shaped with heat and pressure. Innovation is the name of the game on this episode of QUILTING ARTS.

#3002 Quilting By Machine 
Technology and practice play a role for today’s guests as they explore the beauty and artistry that can be achieved with machine quilting. First, Barbara Yates Beasley demonstrates the flexibility of flame stitch quilting and how it enhances a composition with tight movement. Next, modern quilter Satomi Hoar explores even more filler designs that can be stitched with incredible results. Practice makes perfect on today’s QUILTING ARTS.

#3003 Explore Design with Drawing and Color
Many of the skills art quilters use every day can be traced back to the basics. Kestrel Michaud shares drawing techniques she learned in art school that will help every quilter hone their skills of observation and explore their options when designing a quilt. Next, Lisa Thorpe uses stamped and colorized designs in repeating patterns to create focal points, borders, and even printed yardage. Creativity abounds in this episode of QUILTING ARTS.

#3004 Appliqué Two Ways
Appliqué quilts are always in vogue, and this episode offers two approaches to this style of quilting. Artist David M. Taylor shares an overview of his process for creating representational art quilts that incorporate his unique appliqué technique. Next, using a longarm machine, Satomi Hoar introduces us to using invisible thread to hide stitches and create a beautiful tulip appliqué design.

#3005 Free to Improvise 
Forget the rulers and the rules… today’s theme is improv, by hand and by machine. Teresa Duryea Wong starts off with making an improvisational quilt complete with thin strips and odd shapes. Next, Heidi Zielinski adds a touch of free-motion machine quilting and hand embroidery to her abstract art quilts. On this episode of Quilting Arts, free your creativity with a little improvisation!

#3006 Finishing School 
Finishing techniques can make the world of difference to how an art quilt is displayed. Diana S. Fox shows her technique for creating a double hanging sleeve you won’t want to miss. Next, David M. Taylor shares his blue-ribbon binding method and tips to get precise mitered corners in a binding. It’s all about fine finishes on this episode of QUILTING ARTS.

#3007 Bits and Pieces  
Fussy cutting, raw-edge appliqué, and collage all start with cutting fabric in pieces. Learn tips from expert Kestrel Michaud about how she prepares fabric for cutting and creates intricate pieces for her amazing artwork. Artist Lisa Thorpe also works in collage and has her own tips for working with cut fabric. Two artists share their techniques using bits and pieces on today’s QUILTING ARTS.

#3008 Transformation with Paint
There are many ways to add depth, texture, and design to fabric. Host Susan Brubaker Knapp starts with white cloth, then paints, stencils, and stitches to create a textural piece of art. In contrast, Margaret Abramshe works her artistry with paint on a grayscale print. Each technique is unique in its application and results!

#3009 Shadows and Sheers 
Shadowing is a ‘no-no’ in appliqué, and David M. Taylor will lead you out of the shadows with his exceptional techniques. On the flip side, quilter Jenny K. Lyon layers sheers in her project to create unexpected results. Learn something new from these incredible teachers who both explore the limits of fabric and thread.

#3010 Off the Wall 
Explore the versatility of quilted fabric beyond the bed or wall. First, Teresa Duryea Wong demonstrates how to make an elegant, quilted coat you’ll wear for years. Her tips are not to be missed! Next, Eleanor Levie creates a charming vase out of upcycled ‘fabric.’ From fashion to flowers, we’ve got you covered.

#3011 Free-Motion Quilting 
Free-motion quilting is all about letting go and finishing your work your way. New quilters love Jenny K. Lyon’s techniques that show that even ‘sloppy-woppy’ free-motion quilting is okay! Next, Valerie C. White shares her expertise using machine quilting techniques with variegated thread to create texture and movement. It’s all about the stitch on this episode of QUILTING ARTS.

#3012 Express Yourself 
There are many ways to be creative using fabric and thread. Eleanor Levie teaches her method for weaving fabric and ribbons together to make a fabulous piece of fiber art. Next, Lisa Thorpe gets creative with paint, ink, stamping, and printing. Come celebrate individual expression on this episode of QUILTING ARTS!

#3013 Beauty All ’Round 
The natural world offers lots of inspiration to artists – quilters included. Diana S. Fox looks to tree rings as she creates her artistic interpretation of these natural wonders. You’ll learn all her tips from start to finish as she demonstrates these unique pieces of fiber art. Next, Teresa Duryea Wong stitches on a Star quilt and talks about the importance of this design in Native American culture. Nature and culture intersect in this very spe

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