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POCKET SKETCHING with Kath Macaulay

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PTSK 000300 H1
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13 / 30
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Creating art on the go

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#301 Water Splashing
To make splashing water appear, you must show what’s around it. Kath discusses the dark colors that make the light colors work, how the water needs very little pigment, and how to make the splash at the bottom.

#302 Care and Feeding of Equipment
For extreme portability, Kath demonstrates how to get your equipment out and back without putting anything down, how to handle human intrusion, and how to clean the paints, the set and the lid.

#303 Trees and Shrubs
Both trees and shrubs are made of light and dark areas, not just leaves. Take the time to observe. Where are the darks? What colors are they not? Kath demonstrates how to make them identifiable from one another.

#304 Clouds
Clouds are made of water vapor and are perfect for watercolor. Pen lines don’t make clouds, but a ‘borrow pit’ does. Kath explains a major design element that can be manipulated.

#305 Water Soluble Line
Kath explains and demonstrates how to control the lights and darks of the water-soluble line, and when and how to add water to get the results you want.

#306 Gouache
Kath talks about what gouache is, how to use it and why it is difficult to use in the field with transparent watercolor when you want to work quickly.

#307 Journaling
Since words double the meaning, Kath shows how to incorporate them into sketches. Pocket Sketching was developed for travel journaling, and sketching can be immersive and help to remember the trip from your journal entries.

#308 Distance and Depth
Using color, contrast and focal point, Kath talks about creating distance and importance, and editing things in and out as you THINK you see them.

#309 Dilute Paint as a Drawing Medium
Enjoy an extremely efficient way to draw with the ‘mess’ in the lid of your paint set, as John Singer Sargent used. You can change anything easily, all you need is a dirty box lid!

#310 Wet in Wet
If you love the sloshy looseness of some watercolor paintings, enjoy a lack of control, except where you want control. The colors that happen and the effects are delightful.

#311 Flowers Outdoors
When outdoors, you see bunches of flowers unless you focus on one. Kath demonstrates how to get the feeling of many flowers as they appear outdoors.

#312 On Location with Water and Plein Air
Kath explores how to stay focused with distractions, how to use the equipment outdoors, making adjustments as you sketch and how to pick and isolate a focal point while limiting time.

#313 Plein Air with Architecture
Kath demonstrates sketching with a huge advantage: the timer! If you don’t like the location or the results, you wasted only 25 minutes of your life and have lots of time to do another!

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