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PTMT 01000
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17 / Various
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THIRTEEN Productions LLC
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Parenting Minutes are short videos that focus on key topics related to early childhood learning and raising children. Each video includes a set of related materials. Videos and associated materials are available in both English and Spanish.

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1. Early Math
This video talks about how parents and caregivers can help build their children's math skills with simple everyday exercises like matching and sorting laundry, playing games of "I Spy", and comparing shapes and sizes.

2. Having Fun with Words
This video talks about how parents and caregivers can help build their children’s language skills through storytelling, talking, singing, playing rhyming games, as well as by pointing out and discussing things throughout the day.

3. Healthy Snacks
This video talks about how parents and caregivers can help children eat healthier. Eating healthy snacks keeps kids strong, which means fewer sick days and a stronger mind.

4. Limiting Soda & Sweet Drinks
This video points out that there are about 40g of sugar in one 12oz can soda, which equals about 10 teaspoons of sugar. The video explains that the extra calories children get from soda and other sugary drinks can lead to obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases. The video encourages parents to think about giving children water or unsweetened milk instead.

5. Making TV Time Learning Time
This video advocates paying attention to what children watch on TV and encourages parents to watch TV with their children and talk to them about what they are viewing. The video encourages pointing out related examples throughout the day, reading books and doing related activities.

6. Positive Parenting Strategies
This video features parenting strategies from real parents, including tips on helping children express their emotions, having children play an active role in planning the grocery list, and helping children prepare for school.

*Please note that the Spanish version of this video is subtitled in Spanish. It has English audio, not Spanish V/O like the others.

7. Readiness Check
This video helps parents assess how ready their children are for the next school year through the Readiness Check tool from the organization Learning Heroes. Readiness Check Tool:

8. Reading with your Child
This video describes the importance of reading to children in whatever language you are most comfortable. It highlights the fact that reading to children is an important part of their development and can help children improve their reading skills and succeed in school.

9. Routines
This video provides parents and caregivers with information on the importance of routines for children and families. Routines and schedules help children learn good habits for home and school and can even make children more comfortable and confident.

10. Autism: Leaning into Interests
This video features a mom of four children, including two sons on the autism spectrum. She describes how she and her husband lean into their sons’ interests to motivate them, foster independence, build self-esteem, strengthen math and literacy skills, and help the family to bond.

11. Expressing Emotions
This video explores the importance of helping children to name and express emotions. When children can recognize and communicate their feelings, they are better able to develop skills such as confidence and self-awareness.

12. Sharing Feelings
This video highlights the importance of helping children to understand and manage emotions effectively. By providing an environment where sharing and listening can take place freely, you are sending a message to your children that their thoughts and feelings are important.

13. Engaging Grandparents
This video highlights ways that families can include non-immediate family members (such as grandparents) in their children’s learning. Additionally, it explores ways that families can manage busy days with fun family activities and creative time.

14. Family Reading Adventures
This video talks about the importance of reading together as a family. The family featured in the video demonstrates strategies that they use to encourage literacy at all reading levels.

15. Asking Questions to Support Reading
This video explores ways to support children’s literacy skills. Reading together and asking questions about the text is a good way to spark conversations and encourage children's critical thinking.

16. Building Parent-Teacher Relationships
This video demonstrates one family’s strategies for connecting home and school. When parents are involved in their children’s education, their children are likely to do better in school and demonstrate more positive behavior.

17. Family Discovery Walks
This video features a family that demonstrate ways that they spend time together. Neighborhood walks are one way parents can connect with children and support their learning and growth.

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