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Creating pathways to environmental awareness and outdoor lifestyles that empower our next generation to become sustainable stewards of Planet Earth.

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#201 Avian Stewardship
The Into the Outdoors adventure team explores how avian stewardship is helping provide habitat for a variety of bird species and how everyday people can become part of this growing ecosystem movement.

#202 Becoming Stewards
Our young Into the Outdoors leaders unearth all that goes into landfills and explore waste resource management as they follow the hierarchy and discover pathways to become stewards of sustainability.

#203 Protecting Forests, Enhancing Lives
Into the Outdoors explores sustainable forestry and how our lives are enriched from proper forest management as the adventure team follows trees from the forest to finished products.

#204 Energy Education
Ever wonder what goes into making the fuels that power our lives each and every day? Into The Outdoors dives in to answer that question and you’ll find the answer quite interesting.

#205 Science of Biofuels
Did you know that the fuel in your car’s gas tank is mostly ancient sequestered carbon about 400 million years old? Part of that mixture is also modern recycled carbon made from today’s renewable fuels like ethanol and biodiesel. Into The Outdoors shows how it all comes together to keep the world moving.

#206 America’s Conservation Legacy
Into the Outdoors explores the history of hunting in North America and the evolution of “wildlife conservation” as our ITO adventure team joins wildlife biologists in the field as they work with white-tailed deer and the American black bear. such active participants in America’s conservation legacy.

#207 Soybean Suastainability
Follow Into the Outdoor’s hosts and their buddy, Coolbean, the coolest soybean around, as they discover the ways that the soybean industry is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. What does the future hold for soybeans? Watch to find out!

#208 Field Trip: Careers in Agricuture
Into the Outdoors examines some of the careers that surround soy production. Whether it’s being a veterinarian for large animals, flying drones, brokering commodities or selling and repairing farm equipment, various skill sets complement the life of a soybean farmer.

#209 Sturgeon Conservation
Dive into the mysterious world of Wisconsin’s only living fossil – the Lake Sturgeon. This prehistoric throwback that once faced possible extinction is a conservation success story with the restored populations in Lake Winnebago.

#210 Technology of Sandmining
Going undercover as “kids on a mine tour,” our Into the Outdoors investigators reveal the technology and physics of a modern industrial sand mine.

#211 Fishing Combo
The Into the Outdoors kids explores lots of aspects of fishing, from what you need to get started on your own fishing adventure to how to prepare dinner using the fish you’ve caught.

#212 Science Shorts
Dig deeper into the science that impacts our everyday lives in this episode of Into the Outdoors which is a series of cool video shorts on various subjects.

#213 Clovis Kids Cookoff
What begins as an anthropology assignment at the mammoth museum turns into a cave-man discovery where the kids learn and test their "Clovis" skills for securing and cooking wild game to feed their clan. The kids even get cast back in time 15,000 years to test their survival skills against Paleo mega-fauna such as woolly mammoths.

#214 Wild About Walleye
Our ITO youth leaders are tasked with preparing a special fish dinner for their grandparent by catching one of the most prized fish, the walleye! They must dive into fish biology, master fishing techniques, and crack myths in order to discover avenues for others to sustainably harvest this elusive fish all year round.

#215 Florida Fishin’ Fun Fest
Two ITO teens discover the secrets to the art of fishing for red-fish, snook and sea trout while learning the challenges of becoming the Everglade’s newest “junior fishing guide”.

#216 Crazy for Crappies
What happens when a kid is challenged by his teacher to become a more sustainable steward for Planet going fishing? Join our young adventurer as he dives into fish conservation and discovers the great eating, family fun, and environmental rewards to fishing.

#217 High Schooling for Bass
Two ITO teens team up with a high school state fishing champ to learn the easy steps to forming a fishing club and the possibility of winning scholarships to college.

#218 Electrifying Careers in Energy
Our ITO investigators have a new secret mission: to go undercover and reveal the true story behind electricity! Join our investigation and decode the exciting careers in energy and the parts of the “electrical transmission system” that impact our world today.

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