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INTO 0100H1
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13 / 30
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Discover Media Works
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Creating pathways to environmental awareness and outdoor lifestyles that empower our next generation to become sustainable stewards of Planet Earth.

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#101 A River Reborn
A team of students explores the history and future of humanity’s relationship with the Boardman River. A story unfolds about the challenges of trying to turn back the hands of time by removing dams to once again connect the river with the waters of Lake Michigan

#102 Removing Dams - Restoring Rivers
In this episode of Into the Outdoors, we'll explore the often-conflicting needs of society versus natural ecosystems that are affected by the processes of dam removal and river restoration.

#103 Wetland Wisdom
Join our adventure team as they wade into the murky science of understanding our wetlands workings and ecosystems. They paddle, splash, and probe their way across various wetlands to discover the water cycles, ecology, and human influences that impact Wisconsin wetlands. So come on, it’s time to roll up your pant legs and leap-frog into your knowledge of these wet and wild places as we head ...Into the Outdoors!

#104 Ripples in the Rainforest
In this episode of Into the Outdoors, our adventure team zip-lines their way through the trees and science of understanding forest management and related ecosystems.

#105 Amazing Eco-Trek Race
Better grab your energy bars, extra water, sunblock and adventure gear if you hope to keep up with our ITO kids as they embark on one of the biggest adventures of their lives in The Amazing Eco-Trek Race. Josh, Caroline, Emma, and Jacob begin a gauntlet of physical and mental tests where they are scored on how they face challenges in four environments across Wisconsin. From paddling, to caving, to archery, and biking, they discover new things about their physical limitations while learning many of nature’s secrets in some wild places. Their amazing race offers some unexpected twists and turns as fear, doubt, and fatigue creep into the competition. See who makes it to the finish line and what they learned along their remarkable journey.

#106 Chemistry of Life
This episode unravels some of the foundational chemistry that affects everything on planet earth. It begins with the primary conversion of simple chemicals into complex compounds that form the building blocks of all life. Using the further conversions that occur in a dairy cow, the ITO team decodes how plant material is converted to a variety of dairy-related foods that impact our lives. They also explore both the history and hands-on science that viewers can take into their kitchens to learn more for themselves with simple experiments... about the chemistry of life.

#107 Extreme Survival Strategies
Our ITO Adventure team explores the survival strategies of various species found near the Lac du Flambeau Indian reservation. They join various science experts to reveal how certain species overcome the extremes in weather and other environmental factors to survive, each with their own unique adaptations. With the help of native historians, they also walk back in time to discover how the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians survived in the past using a blend of traditional and adaptation.

#108 Plant Diversities
The ITO science sleuths investigate how plants can create life from the raw abiotic elements in the environment, with some even making their own fertilizer from air. They also explore the different ways plants are grown and pollinate, and the vast variety of uses and products for almost every aspect of modern life. This episode is sure to grow on your perception of how plants impact our everyday lives.

#109 Know Your H2O
Our ITO team of science investigators get their feet wet with the challenge of discovering where clean water comes from and all the people and science involved in the process of making it safe to drink. ITO Mission Control pulls out the hi-tech bag of tricks in sending the ITO team of “water investigators” to water production facilities across the state “going undercover” as water worker “trainees” as they reveal the true story of how water works with experts in the field.

#110 Water Pollution & Solutions
In this episode of Into the Outdoors, our adventure team joins hydrology and health scientists to discover where, why, and how water quality is threatened in different environments.

#111 Refining Crude Oil
Our ITO adventure team helps unravel the complex chemistry and physics of how a hi-tech oil refinery turns worthless heavy crude into the transportation fuels that drive and fly our society. You won't believe what they uncover in rearranging hydrocarbon molecules like Legos! They also explore the refinery's impacts on local air and water quality.

#112 Searching for Sustainability
In this episode of Into the Outdoors, our adventure team explores our search for more sustainable lands, waters, and lives. They even show us how to become more sustainable right in our backyards.

#113 Science of Angling
In this episode of Into the Outdoors, our adventure team gets "hooked" into a summer school angling adventure where they learn about family dynamics, aquatic food webs, fish biology and planning outdoor adventures.

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