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NMTH 0200 H1
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13 / 120
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The best of the worst horror and sci-fi movies

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#201 The Werewolf of Washington
Political fever is in the air as Nightmare Theatre returns with this 1973 satire starring Dean Stockwell. Meanwhile, The Baron pursues his own political ambitions as he runs for Neighborhood Watch Captain - but who will be his opposition?

#202 The Devil’s Partner
A mysterious stranger arrives in Furnace Flats, New Mexico just as demonic happenings begin in this 1961 stinker, as the Baron discovers that El Sapo may have made his own deal with the devil.

#203 Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter
The title tells it all in this mish-mash of classic horror and western tropes from 1966, as El Sapo's cure for Mitten's unfortunate skin condition results in the return of a familiar, unwelcome face to the NMTV studios.

#204 The Last Man on Earth
Vincent Price is the titular character in this post-apocalyptic classic from 1964. Back at NMTV23, El Sapo becomes convinced that the world has ended, and he, the Baron and Mittens are the only non-zombie survivors.

#205 Gammera the Invincible
This Americanized version of the 1966 kaiju classic introduced the world to the legendary giant flaming turtle, and the little boy who loved him. But what's Gammera up to now? The NMT crew find out in an exclusive interview.

#206 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
You better watch out - Kris Kringle gets embroiled in a Martian power struggle in this low-budget lump of coal from 1964. Meanwhile, the real Santa is traumatized by the film and unable to fulfill his duties, leaving the NMT crew holding the bag.

#207 Eegah
Beloved Bond villain Richard "Jaws" Kiel stars as the title character, a prehistoric caveman living in 1962 California, whose life is subsequently ruined by an adventure writer looking for easily exploited subject matter, his drippy daughter, and her talentless, oddly misshapen boyfriend.

#208 Battle of the Worlds
Four-time Oscar nominee Claude Rains stars as an impossibly grumpy scientist who discovers an earth-shattering secret in this semi-futuristic 1961 production, as the NMT crew wonder how such a distinguished actor ended up in a bad Italian scifi film.

#209 I Bury the Living
It's annual employee evaluation time at the NMTV studios as the gang screens this 1958 shocker about a cemetery director who believes he causes clients' deaths by sticking pins in a map of their plots, inspiring the Baron to improve Sapo's dismal performance with a job board.

#210 Werewolf in a Girls’ Dormitory
There's a ghoul in school in this 1961 English-dubbed Italian thriller, set in a boarding house for female troublemakers. Meanwhile, Mittens decides to give higher education the old college try, as Sapo seeks financial aid from the Baron.

#211 Monster From a Prehistoric Planet
A wealthy publisher sends an expedition to prepare for an island theme park, only to find a mysterious baby creature - and his giant-sized parents - in this 1967 Japanese kaiju film, as the Baron concocts his own exploitative tropical development scheme.

#212 Giant Gila Monster
A small Texas town is terrorized by the titular lizard, and it's up to a teenage garage mechanic/rock-n-roll singer/munitions expert to save it in this dopey drive-in drama from 1959. Inspired by the highschool hijinks, El Sapo plans a platter party, and Mittens invents a new dance. Meanwhile, the monster's troubled post-debut career is profiled.

#213 Dead Eyes of London
Scotland Yard investigates a series of murders of heavily insured men in this dreary 1961 Anglo-German production, as the NMT crew prepare for a special celebrity studio guest: beloved British actor Colin "Doctor Who" Baker!

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