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Mound City Films
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The desire to overcome is at the core of everyone - especially those fighting disease, surviving a devastating wildfire, or being a victim of war. Narrated by Lisa Ling, LIFE ON THE LINE tells positive real life stories that explore the strength of the human spirit to overcome adversity. LIFE ON THE LINE is an inspiring look into the resilience of humankind.

#501 For the Love of Paradise
Brad Brown, a hospital chaplain in the town of Paradise, risked his own life to help patients escape the deadliest fire in the history of California. Hailed one of the biggest heroes by Time Magazine, he is returning to his burned community with his family and is set on helping others do the same. But as emotional trauma hits residents, a behavioral health trauma team zeroes in to help those impacted by the fire.

#502 Erin’s Story
Fourteen-year-old Erin Tharp is a star student, but then something happens that will change her life forever. When a mysterious illness sends her into a coma, doctors and family members are left desperately trying to solve the mystery. Six months later, Erin is still in a coma, and the family is hanging onto their last shred of hope for her future. Will something trigger Erin's awakening?

#503 A Fragile Hope
Witness the harrowing journey of two babies and their families through one of the largest hospital NICUs in the country. One battling a deadly disease, the other fighting just to take his first breath. Doctors must overcome the odds if they are to give these families the greatest gift of all—a healthy child.

#504 Into the Unknown
Growing up in Spain, the Sabatés always dreamed of working with the less fortunate. After Ferran became a doctor and Conchita a nurse, they took positions working at a hospital in Angola just as civil war started to rage. Soon, their dream of helping others would turn into a nightmare of survival.

#505 The Outcasts
For women in Chad, having a vesicovaginal fistula not only means they lose control of their urine, but often their husbands leave them and they’re ostracized by their family and community. But there can be hope. Watch as Falmata strives for a meaningful life after being healed from a fistula, Rebecca searches for a cure after living with a fistula for 20 years, and Dr. Danae Netteburg works to heal these women.

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