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Join host Connie Ellison for lessons and learning from leading experts for knitting and crocheting on a fresh, new set! Season 1200 features projects from trendy pocket shawls and flattering tunics to top-down beanies and mosaic afghans …. plus, handy pet covers and gnomes! Every episode features both a knit and crochet design---- plus join Lena Skvagerson for a featured scarf in the stitch corner, where you can knit or crochet along with her each week.

#1201 Gansey Lace Pullovers
First up is Toni Lipsey and the Samsara Lace pullover. This elegant and textural but lightweight tee features breathtaking stitches. Then it’s time for the first of our stitch lessons with Lena Skvagerson. We begin with the Carnelian Stripe Crochet Scarf. The super easy granny stitch has never looked more modern! We finish up with the Monsoon knit pullover with Britt Schmiesing, with a variety of patterns, including dotted stockinette and petal lace.
#1202 Tiered Tunics
We begin with Kristen Omdahl and the Paradiso Tunic. This fun and flirty top with three-quarter-length sleeves and a baby doll silhouette, has a flowy fit that is flattering for all shapes and sizes! Then it’s time for the scarf corner with Lena Skvargerson, and the Powder Mountain Knit Scarf. 4 colors and a bold chevron design make up this super-simple scarf. We finish up with Britt Schmiesing and the Nebesa Knit Tunic. Layer this romantic Tunic over contrasting colors to emphasize the beauty of the openwork stitch patterns.

#1203 Pullover Ponchos
First is Toni Lipsey and the Moonglade Poncho. The generous ribbed collar and cuffs of this poncho make it both luxurious and eye-catching. Next is todays stitch corner with Lena Skvargerson and the Crazy for Cables Scarf. Finally, Britt Schmiesing is back with the Forevermore Poncho. This stylish poncho is ready to go wherever you go!

#1204 Pocket Shawls
Who doesn’t love pockets? First up is Kristen Omdahl with the Texture Message Pocket Shawl. Create interesting linear textures with a combination of crochet stitches and post stitch textures and ribbing. Then join Lena in the stitch corner for the Leaf of Life Knit Scarf. This lovely, elegant and lacy scarf is made simple with easy repeats, making it a great project for the novice lace knitter. Finally, Britt Schmiesing returns with the Readers wrap knit shawl. This easy-to-knit pattern is warm and cozy and great for year-round use, or whenever you want to curl up with a good book.

#1205 Baby Napper Blankets
First is the Diamond Filet Crochet Blanket with Toni Lipsey. Diamonds and bobbles are a crocheter's best friend for this delightful blanket with a chunky texture. Then join us in the stitch corner for the Smokey Moon Crochet Scarf. This incredibly easy crochet checkerboard stitch is versatile and can really add a bit of dimension to your next project. Finally, Britt Schmiesing is back with the Knit Lofty Lacy Baby Blanket. This easy-to-memorize and fun-to-work pattern creates a lace blanket of beauty and comfort.

#1206 Mukluk Boots
Kristin Omdahl starts us off with Mukluk Crochet Boots. You’ll stay warm and trendy with these adorable booties complimented by Bobbles and tassels. Up next is the Solitude Lace Knit Scarf with Lena in our stitch corner. Then it’s time for the knit version of our mukluk boots. Lounge around in comfort and style with these unique boots.

#1207 Cozy Comfy Shrugs
First is the Cabernet Shrug with Toni Lipsey. If you can crochet a rectangle, you can craft this oversized cozy shrug. Then Lena is back in the stitch corner with the November Lights Scarf. Beautiful lace texture in soft grey creates a seasonal fashion accessory that will dress up any style. Then it’s time for the knit version of our shrug and the Fillory Knit Shrug. Britt Schmiesing creates a comfy shrug that will teach you many new skills.

#1208 Towel Toppers
Up first is Kristin Omdahl and the Gansey Towel Topper, with a subtle farmhouse feel. Then its Lena in the stitch corner with the Alta Mosaic Knit Scarf. With its colorful and rhythmic mosaic chevron pattern, it is sure to be the perfect accessory! We finish up with a knit version of the Gansey Towel Topper with Britt Schmiesing.

#1209 Mosaic Afghans
Toni Lipsey is back with the Greek Key Mosaic Crochet Blanket. Create interesting positive and negative effects with a classical Greek key motif that's worked in mosaic crochet stitch. Then it’s the Marvel Mosaic crochet scarf from Lena in the stitch corner. Mosaic crochet allows you to create colorful designs while crocheting with just 1 color at a time. We finish up with another mosaic design, the Mosaic Diamonds Knit Blanket presented by Kristin Omdahl. At first glance,
this impressive knit throw might look quite intricate, but the pattern is easier to do than you might think.

#1210 Top-Down Beanies
First up is Kristin Omdahl and the Starry Stripes Crochet Beanie. Top-Down crochet has a simple concept - crochet a simple half double crochet circle increasing until you reach a given diameter. Then, just keep on crocheting. Lena is next in the stitch corner with the Dream Weaver Knit Scarf This lovely scarf is made using drop stitches and simple knitting. Last up Kristin is back with a crochet version of the Starry Stripes Knit Beanie. Knitted Top-Down construction has the same simple concept as crochet but you knit in a circle increasing until you reach a given diameter.

#1211 Pet Couch Covers
Our first guest expert is Toni Lipsey with a Crochet Pet Couch Cover. Our crochet cover will protect your upholstery while keeping your dog cozy. Next, it’s the Stitch corner with Lena and the Holiday Sparkle Scarf. We end up with Britt Schmiesing and the Knit Pet Couch Cover. Protect your sofa from pet hair and stains.

#1212 Triangular Shawls
First is the Dorset Embossed Shawl from Kristin Omdahl. Filled with texture and stitched in rich jewel tones, we declare it the most amazing shawl ever! Then it’s off to the stitch corner and today’s scarf with Lena, the Sundance Gansey Knit Scarf. It’s worked in 2 pieces from the center and out, each end finishing off with a fun flared rib edge. Last is Britt Schmiesing and the Nigel Knit Shawl. This no seam shawl comes together quickly in gorgeous muted hues.

#1213 Gnomies Are My Homies
Toni Lipsey is first with Rustic Gnome Ornaments. Craft your way to the holidays and capture the Christmas spirit for a cozy winter welcome with Gnomes. Then it’s the final stitch corner with Lena and the Snowbird Crochet Scarf. If you’ve been stitching along with her, you’ve now made 13 new scarves to wear or gift. Finally, its Britt Schmiesing and a cute couple, Mr. & Mrs. Gnome. Worked from the top down, this cute gnome couple will be a lovely and inviting addition to your home decor.

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