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It’s Sew Easy Series 2100 takes the fear out of sewing and fitting with a leading lineup of experts who break each project or technique into manageable parts. Whether you are a new or experienced sewer or somewhere in between, they make it easy to create amazing projects. Projects include: home décor, baby items, zipper and skirt basics, plus two sew-alongs with resident expert Angela Wolf. It really is so easy!

#2101 Let’s Get Started
This first episode is all about getting started with a sewing project. First, Joanne Banko demonstrates a variety of techniques using both the sewing machine and serger. Then, Angela Wolf is on location at her home studio with a sew along featuring the Bella Top - adding sleeves and embroidery. This sew along will be about altering patterns with various style changes.

#2102 Necessities
Learn how to sew projects that will be well loved and used. First is Reen Wilcoxson with an easy technique for creating baby bibs in the hoop. Then, Emily Thompson makes a folding fabric basket to store sewing supplies or other treasures.

#2103 Seams and Facings
Learn how to professionally finish your sewing projects - seams and facings are one of the most important elements. First, Lindsey Johns shows how to select the right seam for the job. Then, Angela Wolf is on location with the Bella Top and neckline techniques including the v-neck and the proper facing technique.

#2104 Fabric Feature
Learn about choosing the right fabric for your sewing project. One of the ways to make your sewing easier is to let your fabric do all the work. First, Joanne Banko has a free motion home dec project using the fabric pattern itself as a guide. Then, Angela Wolf is on location with the Bella Top. Mesh fabric adds a style element to the top and she finishes it off with a lesson on elastic casing.

#2105 Cuddle Up
An easy way to get back into sewing or even to begin is with simple designs without fitting. Joanne Banko starts with a log cabin quilt sewn on a serger. Then, Emily Thompson demonstrates a frayed flannel baby quilt.

#2106 Pockets and Sleeves
Broaden your sewing style with a few new looks for pockets and sleeves. Lindsey Johns alters the side seams of pants to add pockets for comfort and style. Then, Angela Wolf is on location with the Bella Top, but this time she’s dressing it up with chiffon sleeves to completely alter the style.

#2107 Quick Change
Sewing is never easier than when you decide to do some quick changes whether to the original garment or to your basic pattern. Angela Wolf shows how to refashion a top with inserts on location from her home studio. Then, Carrie Cunningham shows how to remake those old capris into a stylish skirt.

#2108 Basic Skills
The designers on this episode help you brush up on some basic skills. Zippers are really easy as long as you pick the right zipper, foot, and technique. Joanne Banko reviews the basics of zippers in a two-part lesson on this episode and the next. Then, it’s a new sew along with Angela Wolf and a basic jacket. Learn the construction details to make the perfect two-part sleeve.

#2109 Advanced Techniques
Advanced doesn’t’ mean difficult, we are just building on what we learned in the past and adding that next step. Joanne Banko starts with lesson two on zippers – choose the right zipper for the right garment. Then, Angela Wolf is in her studio. Learn basic techniques for bound buttonholes and welt pockets to make them perfectly and professionally.

#2110 Ageless Fashion
There are certain garments and styles that stand the test of time and can be worn by every age. Emily Thompson begins with the perfect front button skirt in a mommy and me style. This two-part lesson with continue next time with buttons and button holes. Then, it’s the perfect jacket with Angela Wolf and how to add facing to an unlined classic jacket design.

#2111 Tips and Tricks
Learn some insider tips and tricks for better sewing. Emily Thompson finishes her skirt with buttons and button holes. Learn her basic techniques to make these more professional. Then, Carrie Cunningham has a lesson on combining multiple patterns for your perfect style.

#2112 Embroidery
Let your machine do all the work by adding embroidery. Reen Wilcoxson our expert on “in the hoop” designs make a cute baby bear lovey. Then, Angela Wolf finishes her jacket by adding beautiful embroidery patterns for a unique and timeless look.

#2113 Function and Fashion
Is it function for fashion or function and fashion? Joanne Banko shows how to dine in style with chair cushions with unique piping. Then, it’s the final project of this season and a garden knee pad cover from Emily Thompson.

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