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HPHR 0100 H1
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6 / 30
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South Florida PBS
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Personal stories from cancer survivors and their families

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#101 Bonnie J. Addario
At age 56, Bonnie was a wife, mother, grandmother, president of an oil company, and leader in breaking through the industry’s glass ceiling. She also became one of the millions facing a 16% survival rate. Her initial prognosis was grim. Most doctors provided little hope, but Bonnie eventually found a thoracic surgeon willing to help, telling him, “If I am going to die from this disease, I don’t want it to be because I did nothing!” After a 14-hour surgery, multiple rounds of chemotherapy, and radiation, Bonnie became a survivor with a new purpose in life.
#102 Jill Costello
Lung cancer diagnoses for young, non-smoking individuals are a growing trend. But that didn't intimidate the athletic and courageous lung cancer patient, 21-year-old Jill Costello. Jill's fighting spirit and her desire to help find a cure and eradicate the stigma that only smokers contracted the disease would eventually define her legacy.

#103 Hank Baskett
Hank Baskett was given the grim diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer almost ten years ago. At the time his thoughts were not of himself but of how he was going to tell his family. In episode 3 of Hope is Here we meet Hank and his family and learn how he was able to push forward towards health with a hopeful attitude and mission that his cancer journey would be, in his words, "a joyful one."

#104 Gina Hollenbeck
Gina Hollenbeck is positive about life. Every day she lives with an optimistic desire to overcome and thrive despite a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis. As a young mother of two boys, she forges ahead towards a vibrant and meaningful journey with a mission to help find a cure for not only herself but for others who suffer from this deadly disease.

#105 Emily Bennett Taylor
Emily Bennett Taylor and her husband Miles were newlyweds with a bright future planned. Just as they were house hunting and talking about raising a family Emily received the news that she had stage 4 lung cancer. She and her husband recall their cancer journey and recount their determination to live life to its fullest while fighting for the chance to have children despite a grave cancer diagnosis.

#106 Lisa Briggs
Life can be full of hope and dreams. Lisa Briggs was enjoying a successful business, and a close-knit family while celebrating the arrival of her second child. Yet within months of giving birth Lisa was told the devasting news; she had stage 4 lung cancer. For an athletic, young woman who never smoked, the diagnosis seemed unreal. After the shock wore off, Lisa went into full action ahead as her will to live proved stronger than her devastating cancer.

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